First hydro grow with your seeds

I have the exact same one. I would germinate on my own first. Also first time grower I had a couple ways

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How did your grow end up?


a good bubbler with strong aeration will buble up enough moisture to keep the underside wet and ther roots will find it. Common hydro knowledge. Happy growing :slight_smile:

For you all new to hydro. I did this exact thing in 2005. What you need to know; When I experimented with a 6 top 10g bubbler; I could only use it for veg, without having a massive tangle of roots.

If the grower had trained this growit might have been interesting, and tangling of roots could be acceptable, if you don;t mind it, and train the top…Say; Low stress training. ot toppping , toppping, topping to manage the canopy.