First hydro grow with your seeds


Just got my seeds 2days ago. Had my system up and running already. I have a 6 plant grow box. I planted 3 WW, 1 Blueberry, 1 Strawberry, 1 Pineapple.

. Every seed has already sprouted. Looking good. Thanks for your product. Will try to keep you up to date.


How are you keeping those rooter plugs dry? Well not dry, but not soaking wet?
I know it’s an art to do lol, so I’m curious how you’re doing it here.
Ive been trying to figure out the best way to sprout a seed and grow it immediately in DWC. I just germinated some new seeds and I’m trying to figure out the best way to grow them for my DWC setup. I don’t want to put them in soil, because I’ll have to transplant from soil to DWC. I don’t really want to do the rapid rooter plugs because I always struggle with them. And definitely not a jiffy peat pod thing.
I was thinking maybe I could put a germinated seed directly into my DWC from day one. Hoping that the root would go down, but the sprout would come up! I’m thing about trying it.


I use a cash crop 4.0. I have my system balanced for a week before I dremy seeds. I fill my reservoir up about a 1/3 of the way on my 2" basket. I don’t pre germinate my seeds either. I just drop them in my plug. I have found that with a quality seed there is no need. I keep my temp at 75 and my humidity at 70%. I do and a small nutrient mix as soon as they pop. I monitor pH every 8 hours and adjust accordingly. I keep them at precisely 5.8 at all times. The above picture was taken this morning. I will show you this afternoon noon. They jump quick. I change my reservoir every 4 days also.


day 3


Day 5,
Two in the middle got pod stuck so they are dragging behind for now. PH 5.8 and TDS around 900. 24 hour light cycle. They look good so far. Great seeds so far. Can’t wait for the end results.


What’s the inside of that little box look like, I’m curious?


It is just a Tupperware box basically. Holes drilled in it for baskets and air line. I have to change the water tonight so I will post a picture of it. They are doing really well.


Do you just put plain water in it?


No. It gets a nutrient solution. It is a hydro system so the roots get fed straight from the water with no soil.


I use DWC, I know how it works. Im just asking what you put inside of the box. You give a nutrient solution to freshly sprouted seedlings? Is it just a rooting nutrient? Or do you actually put veg nutrients in your box?
I’m asking because I just made one of them, exactly like yours. But mine never grew roots. Everywhere I looked said just plain 5.8 pH water will do the trick, but so far it hasn’t worked for me. I’m just trying to figure out a better way. I’m using clones by the way, not seedlings, but I feel like it’s the same concept. Got any advice? I’d appreciate it



I use raw nutrient. I start when I germinate the seed. I use a sixteenth magnesium and 1/8 teaspoon of grow. I keep my water level halfway up the starter plug for germination, about two days. Once they sprout I lower my water to about a quarter to a third of the way up the plug after that. I touch the top and if it is moist then it is good. I will up the nutrients to a 1/8 of mag and 1 teaspoon of grow. I will switch to bloom after about 2 weeks or when the plants are 1/3 of the way up the box. I keep my lights at 24 hours until I switch to bloom. Then I switch to 16 on and 8 off for a week. Then straight to 12 on 12 off. I grow strictly for personal use. I had a set up like this in the 80’s and out of six plants I would yield about 2 ounces per plant. The most important parts I have noticed are good seeds are a must and pH levels should be around 5.8 at all times. Temp at 75 and humidity around 70. I just know what has worked for me in the past and so far so good. These things grow naturally so I try to do as little as possible to disturb them. Natural habitat is not perfect so a few variables can be tolerated. I just know it is a lot of fun watching them start as seed and blow away in a nice smokey haze a few weeks later. By the way my grows usually last about 9 weeks start to finish. Hope this helps but if you would like some more info just let me know.


Like the set up you built …shows thinking ,that said i just read alittle bit on the raw products your using …Have you used them before now? if so 'do you have any pict’s you can post? i have had good results from A N in the past 3-part and now their 2 part coinsurer… A&B GROW and BLOOM .But am looking to up grade on Quality and price AND Availability Hammer


Yea I too am curious on how well the RAW nutrients work, I was thinking of buying some. Specially because I grow in a DWC setup I’m extra curious how well it works for hydro. Definitely getting the amino acids nutrient they sell!


I haven’t used raw nutrient for hydro before now. So far so good. I do have a couple of small brown spots on my leaves but I believe I have a calcium deficiency that I have since corrected. All new growth looks good.

10 days so far.


Looks great man!


Day 14

Looking pretty good. Good to root growth.


@Underground if i may be so bold as to make a suggestion on your well built bubbler .?? i would add more bubbles to it be it more air pump or bubble stones … itll seriously help get mega roots faster and more of them just a thought … Hammer


HI, 1st time grower. The tent kit came with large square pots 18l inner/24l outter. But I also purchased a grow bucket that has 6 x 3.5cm holes and baskets with rockwool. I guess I start out with rockwool as seedlings? But do I leave the plants to grow to maturity in this hydro system or must I transplant to these larger pots. If so at what stage and what medium should I use.