First Hydro grow - the root spa

Has anyone used this hydro system? Pic included… Any tips, + or - advice… Thanks so much for any help…Remember we are nubies… plain english please

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Ive used similar not that one but a similar setup. Works well as long as u can maintain a descent water temp. Basically a water chiller is required unless u have a setup in a basement setting on a cold floor or something thats the only issues i had with mine was keeping the water temp down the lights heat it up fairly well. Also if u use it id suggest before start to make sure u have hydro guard it helps a ton from nasties building up in rez

we would also like to know how do you keep water replaced or changed in this type of system. it really doesn’t have a res separate, no bubbler, just churns the water. thanks for all the info everyone

thanks so much for the info