First Hydro Grow plants need help

On the third week of my first hydro dwc grow with an Northern Lights Auto. The leaves have started to spot quickly as well as deformed leaves developing.

My specs are as follows

7 gallon tote roughly 4.5 gallons of water. I’m using distilled water mixing and ph at 5 gallons then pouring in tote.

10ml Grow A / 5 gallons

10ml Grow B / 5 gallons

4ml Root Boost / 5gallons

10ml hydroguard / 5 gallons

10ml Cal-Mag / 5 gallons

5ml Fish Shit / 5 gallons

PH 5.5/6.0

PPM 165

Light schedule 18/6

Res. Temp 75f

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First, welcome to the forum!
Water temp needs to be lower. 75 will be a problem that can start root rot. 70 is about the highest you can hold it at.
How much air are you pumping into the water? How large of an air pump? PH seems pretty good between 5.5 and 6. PPM may be a little low at 165, but not that bad. How do the roots look?
There are a ton of great growers here to help!
@peachfuzz @PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410 are all great hydro growers and very knowledgeable.


Plants should be at or around 500 ppm: they’re hungry! Ditch the Fish $hi!: no organic material in tote.

How far below net pot is rez level? It should be 1 1/2 to 2" below with lots of airflow. It should look like a rolling boil. 75F is too hot and you run a severe risk of root rot so be ready to deal with it.

Plant could really go into something like a 27 gallon tote which would hold about 18 gallons and would run longer before filling (in flower you will be filling rez daily). Just a thought.

If you continue with this you should plan on buying a chiller. It’s a drag but it flat solves rez temp issues. It also helps with dissolved O.


thanks I really figured it was the water temp giving me Nute lock. I was having an A/C issue and the temp was sitting around 75 but I had that fixed today so hopefully it’ll help with the temp issue. I’ll have to go to a larger tote. I have 4” circular air stone hooked up to a 40-60 gallon air pump. Res level may be a little high. I had it above the basket line while riots where not showing but they just started growing out 3 days ago.

Tagging along - hope it gets better

Im starting a hydro grow I’m new . Check it out

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Update 3rd water change and I’ve moved my grow box downstairs on the tile and she seems to be a lot happier! Also I’m not sure if I should have but I pruned off the diseased leaves as they were almost completely brown and left healthy ones. image|375x500

Root rot set in on my girl I’m not sure she will make it, I rinsed the tote with hydrogen peroxide rinse and put fresh water making sure everything was good and sealed up with no light leaks and the root rot still spread. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but the root rot worsened incredibly over night. Water temp is down to 68-70 and ph has been keeping below 6.3 but I try and keep in lower around 5.7