First hydro flood and drain Loving it!

Like I said in the subject this is my first flood and drain hydro run. Wish I had only done one strain though. Other than that, I’m loving it!!!
Here is a pic of the canopy I took tonight, just starting week 4 flower. Check it out @Psu8286


Mighty fine job! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

@VTGROW very impressive. Do you like the hydro more than in soil? How’s the cost and work involved compared to soil? It is a beautiful setup.
You running 2 inline fans with carbon filter? Because I know there is a lot of dank smelling goodness in there.

I like it a lot more cause it saves me over an hours work every night so I get more family time. But one day a week does take about 1.5 hours to empty clean out and refill res. Initial cost and setup is expensive but you can use the equipment for years. Nutes cost about the same and you don’t have to deal with having dirt in the house. Buds so far are best looking I’ve produced. Also, the only need to veg plants 3-4 weeks tops. I really can’t say enough good things about hydro. Oh ya, lol, one more… you have so much more control. I check ppm and ph every night abs 2 tables take me max 20 mins total between both.

Btw, one in-line fan with a carbon filter going out and one to draw air in from another room with controlled temp. Both are 6 inch models. Plus 2 fans to move air around and a quest dehumidifier cleaning the air. Between that and my weekly IPM I hopefully won’t get PM again. Plus an extensive clean up between runs. Last night I went to reply but damn site said read only.

Btw, I was doing side by side comparison of nutes. GH on one side and floraflex on other. I’m all done with GH nutes besides calmag, and strictly floraflex all the way.

Waa the side by side for hydro? Didn’t you just start growing indoors? @VTGROW

Lol yeah almost 2 years ago and this is definitely my first hydro run but I’m looking to get some high quality exotics that will blow everyone’s mind and I want to dial it in perfectly. Next run only doing 1 strain in each table.

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A few more recent pics of sone of the girls starting to really frost up entering week 5.


Nice frost on them. I just topped my Am Haze, GTH, Bruce Banner, and Maui Waui Wednesday and they’re doing nicely.
You’re on your way to some nice looking plants.

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Send some pics bro. MJ porn is for me

these were yesterday’s pics. You can see where I topped them.

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Youngsters! Lol
What lights are you running again?

Some of my girls now

Right now 2 hlg 260 watt just turned them to full power yesterday. For flower 2-260s and a 320 XL v2 with the red flowering lights. Your girls are beautiful.

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I love HLG lights. Best electricity consumption compared to bud quality or PAR reading. I have a few of them but I still love my optics too. I just bought the optic slim 650 with uv. I have 2 of the older slim 600’s in that flower room where those pics came from. I’ll take some pics of my new sealed room when I get a chance but haven’t even hung the lights yet. It’s almost as big as the flower room you just saw.

They are very nice lights

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@VTGROW hey bud how you been? I’m doing my 1st scrog. Yesterday I put it over them and ran my branches through the openings etc.
I did not complete the lollypopping yet but will. So how long do I keep in veg before flipping 12/12. I transplanted the seedlings to 7 gal fabric pots on the 1st of Feb.

Thanks in advance

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I’m not doing too bad, how about you bro? I think you will notice a considerable difference using a scrog. I think it depends on how much training and how tall you want your girls about when you flip. I’d say you will want a second layer to your scrog though. Looking good bro, what’s the strains?

You are going to have a full tent my brother!