First hydro bucket 3n 1/2 gal


Pineapple haze started in soil switched to dwc bucket 10 days ago. Blowing up


Popped these 2 pineapple haze at same time. Check the difference!


Looking great Good job in transplanting. Thank You for sharing



Looking good :slight_smile:

Keep us posted.


Now that’s awesome soil to hydro. Tried a couple of times and got slow and not happy for a month. Looks like you started it there.


Wow she is really blowing up and looking B-A-U-tiful!


Okay jus checked my roots and their is black stuff on them. I am using fox farm nutes, cal-mag, seaweed extract at 1/2 strength. Temp is a lil high upper 70s f. Any suggestions?? Can I add something that will protect my roots?? If so what? Thx for any input!!


I understand you said half strength. Are you going by a feeding schedule?
What’s your ppm?
How big is your air pump?


Yes I am going by fox farm feed schedule. At half strength so far. PPM is 550. Air pump is 44.3 GPH 168L/H.


Ok so I changed the water in my bucket and added fresh nutes. The ph was very high so While I cleaned the bucket I also rinsed to roots in plain PHd tap water to try and get some of the black stuff off the roots. They look cleaner but the nute solution stained them a darker color. Will add pics when I ho home for lunch at work now. Oh and I Fim her couple nights ago also. Any comment or advice is greatly appreciated! @Dumme any thoughts on if that black stuff is anything i need to worry about??


Some of the brown colour maybe nutrient stain, but it looks as if you have some algae. Some growers add H2O2.

Update on shoot grow?


Sorry bro been having internet trouble. But I seemed to have burned her when I changed water and nutes last week. Any advice on how to get back online please. And also how much hydro peroxide do I use for possible algae issue??


If u are around @Dumme


Sorry for the tardy reply.

Again, nutrient stain is common in DWC. Algae generally won’t hurt your plant, but hydroponics is normally sterile.

I suspect most of your shoot damage is pH related. The damage is generally something that happens a few days past.

I recommend following the instructions on the bottle for H2O2 application. Just be careful as the H2O2 designed for hydroponics is very strong (29%) and will burn your skin, and will raise your pH.

As an alternative, you may also try benefitial bacteria.