First Harvests Have No THC

I have grown WW and Gold Leaf so far indoors with 600W LED. Plants and buds looked great. Dried them all for about 3 weeks. When smoking both to get high, they have absolutely no effect. If I let the buds bloom too long will that degrade the amount of THC? What could I be doing that’s causing these plants to produce zero THC? Thanks.

Not sure you can let them go so long the have no effect. If there are trichomes and the have some ambers then ive never had an issue, ive even harvested early with all clear trichomes and they were fine. However, if its a cbd stain of some bag seed that turns out to be hemp instead of the dank then its possible to get no effect.

What kind of seeds?

Did the buds have trichomes?

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We need more information so please fill out this support ticket.

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Yes. When the trichomes begin to turn amber, the THC is already beginning to degrade. That’s not a bad thing at that stage, but if you let them go too long they will lose potency.
Here is a good article about harvesting. There are sections about waiting too long to harvest, how to read the trichomes, etc.

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@MrPeat I cut and pasted this to notes on my phone, makes it easy to share and easier to fill out!

Support ticket

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA:

Age from sprout:

Age from flower:

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

How often do you water and how do you determine when to water:

PH and ppm of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS.

Indoor or Outdoor:

Room size:

Light system, size, height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

Any other info you think is pertinent:

The seeds are from ILGM. The WW was an auto flower and the Bergman’s Gold Leaf was feminized only.

Yes they had very nice trichomes. I also tried to follow the grow and bloom times printed on the site.

Thanks for your help.

Full support ticket information will help us help you.

Pictures of your girls, her buds, and trichome pics might be helpful too.

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