First harvest was so good. I'm hooked on growing

It’s my first harvest. What do you think? I’m not a regular smoker. I tried one hit and it just destroyed me. I brought some to a friend who smokes regularly, so he could tell me what I have. He was very impressed with the potency and taste. The smell when you open a jar is just awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my first grow.


yep I would say you had a good crop…


now ditch the jars and get yourself some Grovebags…you can thank me later


Grovebags? Never heard of them. Better than a c vault, or jars?

yes…best thing since sliced bread…I use the 1oz bags…read the thread on this forum ‘anyone using Grove bags to cure’…I just switched on this last harvest from my old trusty jars and it is really noticeably better and takes up so much less space…


Thanks for putting me onto these. I just ordered some from Amazon. I guess I’m going to give them a try.

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so far no one has bad mouthed them and all have liked them…some are reusing them…I personally get the 1oz size since that is the perfect serving size for me to break out and use…then toss it

The ooooonly thing about Grove bags is the decorative and strain specific bags aren’t as good for long term storage. The all black, or black with windows are better, that’s just my 2 cents.


Thanks for that info @Borderryan22 I only got the black with window

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Those are what I use. I got all giddy with my first harvest. GSCE Auto (freakin floored me), but I got some regular and the decorative. The bud in the decorative ones turned kind of fluffy and dry. I’ve found a black bag with a gram in after 6 months and it smoked like a champ.

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They have their own website Grovebags They are much cheaper on there and you can customize your order. They are like $1 each for 1oz and have any size you need!