First harvest to wash or not to wash

First this is my 4th post on my first grow and would like to thank everyone for all the advice I am just starting to see a few amber trichs I have been reading on washing buds and would like some opinions on the subject thanks

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1 plant. Inside grow. Need I say more?

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here is a pic

@sparky66 sorry to interupt but @Myfriendis410 that WAS clean water to start with right?? All that dirt? My god i am shocked!! So tell me more about this bath then…please :slight_smile:


Yup! Clean tap water.

So the procedure came from Jorge Cervantes but the video on YouTube is not there any more.

Use a tote or bucket (I prefer a bucket) and fill with fresh tap water and add 1 cup of 3% peroxide. Immerse the cut branches for 6 minutes with complete immersion and all of the bubbles shook loose. Remove and rinse with tap water using the “shower” setting on your hose (or the shower!) and hang to dry enough to put in the drying rack. That’s it.

THC is not soluble in peroxide and the harvest will stay fresh much longer IMO with a lovely aroma. The cured cannabis stays green for about 2 months longer too.


Holy shizz!! That will be on my “to do” next :wink:
So when you say tap water does it have to be ph’d? Aired out? Room temp??


I do it on the patio and fire up the garden hose to fill the bucket. That and peroxide. You’re just washing it but if you have access to purified water you could do a final dunk in a bucket of straight R/O or something…I don’t bother.

My climate produces powdery mildew and all I can do is control it on the plants and not eliminate it completely. That’s my main reason for washing it because it kills and dissolves p.m. on the vegetable material, which leads to a longer shelf life IMO. It will show up on top of the water/peroxide bath as an oily rainbow sheen.

In fairness to the picture; I do take my plants out for sun when I can (most days) so atmospheric dust is going to be higher–but not a whole lot.


It is a great idea to help remove pm, bug shit and dust etc, just bear in mind cannabis contains a lot of water soluble terpenes that will be lost if soaking plants in water.


I wash every harvest, I tried not washing and it had all sorts of junk on the buds I ended up tossing most of the harvest. It was a strawberry kush. Washing is a must! You’re not really soaking it though, just a quick rinse. I use 15gallons(3 5g pales) with distilled water. lemon juice and baking soda in in the first and just rinsing in the other two. 15-30 seconds per bucket.

Just put a fan directly on your buds afterwards for about 45 to an hr. Have a RH meter to help see it drop. Then set the fan blowing indirectly. I dry in a 3x3 grow tent, just my two cents :v:

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My first harvest. 5 White Widow CBD. Read a LOT on here and elsewhere about washing. Some of them had dirt on the bottom. I also grow vegetables and I wash them. So I filled up a 5 gallon bucket, put in a cup of hydrogen peroxide, filled the sink with tap water. Dunk and swish in bucket, then in tap water, placed on towel with a fan blowing. Trimmed the large fan leaves and a lot of the others, hung them upside down and put them in a dark room with a fan on them. Excited to see what kind of dry weight I get.

Thankyou for your 2 cents.
Have you ever cut , and then washed/ rinse the next day ?

I didnt have time to wash , but they needed harvested . I had already waited an extra 2 days to harvest . I didn’t wet trim , in fact i didn’t do anything that one might do before harvest , like plain water for the last 2 weeks , or dark cycle before cutting .
So these branches are still “wet”.