First Harvest Potential Mold?

Normaly I like right about something…this time it makes me sad.
It might be good to go over your method of growing and your enviroment management equipment to try and nail down how this happened and how to prevent it in future attempts. The plus side of this is its likely the level of suceess you were having in your grow environment that gave you too many buds that got you to this point. There are worse problems, especially in a first harvest.
You may not be feeling it right now but I say, excellent work my friend!
Tell me about your flowering experience. What was your environment stats during this phase? What kind of ventilation and circulation did you have?

Thanks for the kind words.
I grew outdoors and brought her in at night, so most of the conditions she experienced were really up to Mother Nature, including a week long 90+ heat wave. Although I really tried to baby her by shading and watering in increments on hot days. When she was indoor I kept her in a dark room with a ceiling fan above. No AC unfortunately as I just moved into a new house.

I’ve separated the effected buds from the smaller buds which look fine, and while I’m disappointed about the rot and the massive volume loss in drying(don’t think I even hit an oz even with the rotted buds included.) I just tested a lil bud, got a little buzz going so it’s hard not to be a little proud lol.

I have a week old WW auto on the way also outdoors and I think the cooler weather especially during flowering will help me a lot. Also for this grow I think I will monitor the humidity indoors at night and put a stronger oscillating fan in the room if needed. Just hope I can get a better yield this time around.

Thanks for your concern.

Yeah its kinda a shock when it happens, they are more water then plant material. Could be worse, mushrooms are like 90% water so there is a stark difference when they dry.

This is your likely culprit! So when deep in flower the amount of circulation is crucial. Although buds look and feel solid they are not. There are many pockets inside the structure. It gets humid in those pockets so you need a good breeze moving past and “through” them. So yeah for sure get a good fan in there have it blowing through the plant structure as well as through the tops. Also when she is indoors try to get some FAE (Fresh Air Exchange) going by leaving the door ajar, dont worry about light leak, its gotta be pretty bright to screw up your light cycle. Obviously dark still but a light on in the hallway shouldnt be an issue.

You will find each grow will net you more and more.

Have you considered indoor growing at all? It can be a lil pricy initially but after its all said and done the setup will pay for itself in no time. Especially when you consider top shelf weed at the dispo is 50 an 1/8 or more. You’d be looking at prolly 250- 500 dollar initial investment for a single plant setup. With modern grow tech it is not too expensive in electricity either. LED at 1000watt equivelency to Metal Halide bulbs are only 100-150 watts from the wall. Inline fans have EC motors now so they are like 20 watts. Only an extra 20 spot a month to run my grow.

Anyhow, keep us posted on your WW.

You should be, Many try and fail to have any harvest, then give up and sell their tent on offerup. Truth is, not everyone can do this, you can. Well Done!

Thank you again.

You’re absolutely right about about me thinking buds were solid. I never considered air moving through them. Silly mistake considering all the effort put in to nutrients,PH, etc.

I am very interested in indoor growing and thanks for spec recommendations. Unfortunately I just moved into a 1960 house still on 60amps. We’re getting an upgrade next year but right now I wouldn’t want to jeopardize the delicate balance we got going here.

When you mention concerns about light leaks, I was under the impressions autos were impervious to light out of cycle. Does this only apply to triggering flowering or is the plant affected by light leaks at night? If the latter is the case, I’m guilty of plenty of that on my last grow.

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You are correct about light and auto’s. My bad, I had forgotten you were growing autoflowers.

Easy mistake when worried about all that other stuff. Its not super talked about in the avg thread either. Most wont really look into rot and molds unless they fall outta perameters and become worried about it, or crack open a bud and have it not look right. Gotta grow to know :slight_smile:

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