First harvest (pics inside), what went wrong with it?

Photos are easier

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A bit overkill. There are different approaches to keeping a mother. One is to keep it small using small pots and root pruning. How many clones do you want? I have not grown a mother separately. If I want to take cuttings I let the growth tips grow rather than pinching them. I easily get 12, and more if I wanted that many.
I agree that it was cut early.
Good move changing to photos. They are a whole lot more fun.

So everytime ? Like im using advamced nutrients and it says last week to give flawless finish but nutes up to that point. Wikl they turn yellow if you giving nutes or is that from the last weeks only water so they eat the nutes in the leafes ?

Yeah they will start to fade as a whole. At the point you chopped half strength nutes would have been perfect for a week then water for a week

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Am I just high, or are you storing fresh nugs in a jar?


I use AN as well, noticed my plants stay green and lush up to harvest. Well, the ones I feed :rofl: I had a bunch I didn’t want (at first) and barely fed them. Turned into some monster bud just to spite me!
I feed them up to a week before chop, then water. Haven’t used the Flawless Finish tho.

Nothing wrong there, people get good results with 20% and more perlite.

I am storing in canning jars