First Harvest Outdoor Grow!

My first harvest and pretty excited about it. I think I did alright what do you think? I’m starting the dry and cure process. Hope that goes well. Has anyone ever used the HerbsNow herb dryer? Curious about it. Thanks ILGM!



Where on a map are you?

Looks good.

Yes autoflower. That’s just one of many buds. So fun!


Congrats on the harvest!

Killer. What strain?

Congrats! Looks wonderful! Same boat, just took mine a couple days ago and in the dry/cure process!

Thanks all! I’m pretty proud of myself :slightly_smiling_face: It is Amnesia Haze. Oh and I am in US - Midwest. I had some problems reading the plants since I’m so new at this, but it all worked out!


Awesome. Congratulations.

Congrats pretty looking cola. So your outdoor grow in the Midwest finished up in July huh. Wow! When did you plant her and she’s ILGM seed? Again man how satisfying it will be to toke on free smoke!! Happy growing - don’t let it be your last man and welcome to the forum!

Oh didn’t see autoflower… Cool

Thanks for the welcome! Yep auto and yes ILGM seeds. All have sprouted just fine. Not last grow, I think it’s fun, but can only grow outdoors. I have a few LSD photos also that are just showing signs of flowering. Will see how that goes. I have some more autos sprouting. Gonna see if I can get them done before it gets cold.

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