First Harvest on 420

The other day my trichomes were clear but they just turned milky white so I got to harvest my White Widow.
I did a trim and set the buds up to dry in a nylon mesh herb drying rack.
I only grew two plants from the ILGM seeds and here are the weights as I prepared them.
Straight off the stalk, I got one kilo, completely untrimmed and with branches. Then I started trimming. I got 3 1/2 oz small popcorn buds, 7 oz small leaves and sugar leaves and 11 7/8 oz trimmed buds with some stem attached.
I’m thrilled. I would have been happy with an ounce total dried and it looks like I will get almost three once dried and cured.
Thanks again to everyone on the forum who worked with this newbie with all my crazy questions.


Congratulations on your first harvest! That’s a great way to celebrate 420!


I am jealous that you got to harvest on 4-20, that is my hope for next year. Great job @Santiago and thank you for the inspiring post/photos


There is no better feeling than that first harvest. Just knowing you can do it, and knowing you have a nice supply of nice “clean” bud…

Here is to many more :v:


Look delicious,great job!

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Thank you everybody. Happy 420 Day. :sunglasses:


Back at you buddie!!:four_leaf_clover::leaves::wind_face:

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Beautiful! And nice yield too! I’m in South Central MA, and digging the law change. Here’s mine, still curing. Happy 420!


Lovely. What strain is that? Blueberry?

Purple Haze. From ILGM. Got five to start last September, and two came up. They gave me a deal on another five, so I sprouted three more and sold two to a buddy.
Never tried WW. My first batch was Pineapple Chunk. I love the mostly Sativa strains.
Wish they had Lamb’s Breath available. Bob Marley’s favorite. Here’s my PH just before harvest last month.


Awesome grow! No longer a nuubee you can help some one else now:)


What a BRILLIANT harvest!! Great job @Santiago


I’m pretty happy with the harvest. More than I hoped for even though my grow area is out in the open subject to room temperature.I’m setting up to make a half pound of cannabutter tomorrow.
Many Thanks for the kind words and compliments.


Thank you. :smile:

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Hey Y’all!
I got a Buddy to grab 20 WW seeds from ILGM. All 20 came up. Unfortunately six went to a newbie, and she transplanted hers before a good root ball was established. looking forward to getting him on board with us here!

I might swap my two remaining WW seeds with a mate who has Blueberry and Northern Lights.
With my situation I need auto-flowering and short plants. Anyway I’m excited.