First harvest ..need drying / curing info


So I have a 6 foot by 18 inch empty closet
(designated drying area), I’m going to run a couple of strings for hanging bud, a small clip-on fan indirectly blowing, the humidity is going to be about 40 to 45, if it gets any higher I have a dehumidifier.

QUESTION: Approximately how long do you recommend I hang them?


And thank you all for the help, patience and information that helped me successfully get back into this thing of ours! :thumbsup:


I have read you are done when the stem snaps instead of flexing…


the slower you can cure them the merrier and 55 rh is good range I typically hang plants for 5-8 days until they crack not snap if they snap then they may be too dry for proper jar cure


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Burp every hour or 2? What happens when i go to work?


From exp I have found it takes 1 more day then you think :slight_smile:
So when you think they are ready put them in the jar the next day
That was always how it went for me lol


Just as an after thought, you might look at trying Boveda humidity packs.

This won’t actually help with the actual drying process I don’t think, but will probably help if you don’t get it exactly right.

I plan on trying them once I get my first harvest. :slight_smile: