First harvest in

Lots of questions from the first time grower. I think very successful… 31 oz,wet. Drying now. But it seems to be feathery as its drying. Very thankful no less. Ww af tent full spectrum led organic median co2 bag. So what can i adjust or add that would make denser heavier colas?? Thanks in advance. I’m thirsty for knowledge? I’m disabled, so its giving me a hobby that i love. And I never have to buy again!!!:-)BAM

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There are 2-3 things that produce dense Kolas.

  1. INtense light. If you buds are not dense, then your light is too far away or inadequate.

  2. Humidity plays a big factor in density of buds. It is important to keep RH at40%, and not above 50%

  3. Using Co2 requires higher than normal temperatures. Not sure if this would have affected your density, but this is good to know.

Hope this helps, lw :slight_smile:


Thank you so very much. Greatly appreciated!! Started new grow of bbg af 3 weeks ago.

I did not see any mention of nutrients, so I did not address solution strength or additives that may help.

Let me know more about what you feed the plants.

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Your buds may not be as dense and tight as you want them to be, but this is a nice haul for your first harvest. Nicely done, @Bambam64. Your next grow will be better yet as you gain experience and knowledge. The folks on this forum are an invaluable resource for all of us new growers.


As was mentioned above, the bigger the light the bigger and denser the buds. Just remember that when you get those dense buds you will now have to keep an eye on mold in the grow room and in the drying room. I use two 1000 watt HPS lights in my 5X10 flowering room. My buds are very dense so I run fans and a dehumidifier in both the grow room and the drying room to prevent mold. It’s still very possible to get some mold deep inside the bud so I check very closely while harvesting. I keep the humidity at 40 but maintains about 45.


I used the general organics. Go box. They have 12 week schedule to thrive growbio thrive bloom cal mag bio root bio weed bio bud bio marine. Thanks again for the knowledge

Thank you! Yes excited, and happy with first grow. And look forward to continuly learning more from everyone

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Nice colas. I will adjust as suggested. A watch patiently, as they grow. So pumped!!! Thanks a million y’all

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Good deal. As long as you are confident. Go forward. Peace, lw

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@Bambam64 you got the top dog to give you advice rock with it and youll be happy

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Thanks Countrtboyjvd1971. Thankful for the vast knowledge in this forum. I welcome any and all, help.