First Harvest ILGM Classic Pack

First Grow. I want to thank everyone for the help getting this far. Mistakes were certainly made but I learned from them all thanks to the people on this forum. This started as a 3 strain grow with the ILGM Classic Pack. Unfortunately, non of the AK-47 seeds germinated. ILGM quickly replaced them and they’ll be part of the next grow. Thank you customer service! 600watt 2x4 grow tent kit from Topolite. AC Infinity 6inch booster on intake, AC Infinity 6inch for exhaust. I upgraded the 600watt blurple to a HLG 300L R-spec the last 3 weeks of flower. I look forward to even better results on my next grow.

Sour Diesel and Super Skunk planted in 2 gallon pots from A Pot for a Pot on Feb 21st.

Hung in my 2x4. AC Infinity set to maintain the tent 60-62%RH.

Super Skunk Cola

Sour Diesel Cola
Sour Diesel Cola
Only the white fan at the bottom is on. Hoping to get at least a week of drying before they are ready. Then into grove bags.


Well done :clap: nice looking plants :+1:

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Do you have a moisture meter?? Very impressive for 1st harvest or any harvest for that matter. Nice set up as well. Is that hose on the right intake or exhust???

Well done! I just started a classics auto trio myself. Headed outside when they grow a litte more… My AK took off like a superstar followed by the ss, sd not far behind . Looks like just more than 90 days start to finish?

I ordered one last night via Amazon. The silver hose is an intake. There are no lower holes on this tent. It would have saved me a few feet of hose. Thanks! I’m upgrading to a 4x4 with second 300L Rspec for my next grow.

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I’m a believer in the moisture meter now! 1st time I bagged or bottled at the right Rh. Got a fantastic cure (grove bags) keep doing what your doing.

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Good luck with your grow! I wished my AK-47 would have germinated but it’s all good. I switched then out for some Blue Dream seeds wich will be in my next grow. You are correct. Technically exactly 11 weeks from soaking the seeds.
I’m happy with the results of my first. Breaking off a branch of the Sour Diesel. Topping accident with the Super Skunk. Soil deficiencies and one very elusive caterpillar! But they made it!

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I was going to do a search when it arrived to refresh my memory. I stick the meter in the stem or a large bud? I remember that being a question on these forums. 11%?

Stick it directly in the bud. Do a lot of them so you get a pict of the whole plant.i pulled mine at the 11% mark ( or as close as I could) trimmed them and put in the grove bag with a hydrometer and it’s been 2 1/2 mo. now and it’s perfect. Still has color,smell, and still at 62% Rh ± still covered with tricoms. Oh ya and it’s still kicking my arse.

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The Sour Diesel was the larger of my two plants. After a week of drying it was ready for dry trimming. My wife helped me trim it up for the grove bags. This grow far exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier! Ended up with 106 grams. Super Skunk needs a couple more days to dry.


Super Skunk weighed in at just over 2 ounces. My original goal was an once per plant. More importantly, I learned so much! Thank you for everyone who helped in my success. Time to plan the next grow!

Sweet. So the topping accident pays off. Lol…
Looking forward to a fully cured report on the flowers and those Grove bags.