First Harvest, hooray!

Well, finally got to cut down my first 2 Jacks. Think they did alright and happy to get through my first grow. Have 3 more plants that will be harvested in the next week, keeping an eye on them. Seriously have gotten so much good info from this forum, thanks everyone for sharing!


Did you get a wet weight?

No, i was going to weigh it after it dried out.

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Congrats on harvest!

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Congrats…always a big sigh of relief and pride when the harvest is done.
Hope many relaxing smiles are headed your way. :v::vulcan_salute::cowboy_hat_face:


Looks good. Congrats. I’d like to know what your yield was when it dries.

Awesome! My first grow ended early didn’t yield much and wasn’t mature. Yes i smoked it! :joy::joy: congrats on finishing


For sure, i will def post what i yield from everything. Anxious to see what i end up with in total.

Chas, i would have done the same thing lol

Well, ended up with 118 grams after it dried out. Made for some very nice smoke, very happy. Have 3 more plants that are dry and going in jars today. Seem to be about 2 ounces on each of those plants too.


Nice first effort, it will only get better from here on.


Nice, hit agreed next grow will be better


So: are you hooked? Gonna continue? Because it only gets better!

You did great!


Thanks all! Yep, i will be continuing for sure. Have bought a 3x3 tent and all the other pieces, just waiting on my light to get here. Ordered a seed pack tonight actually, the fruity mix and some gold leaf. Super excited to try indoor and will def do another few plants outdoor come spring. Not going to do anymore autos tho

Here I leave you my first vintage car that I took this year was a mamba negra auto, I bought a few automatic seeds online store of cheap seeds and these were the first to leave then I raised some purple kush of buddha seeds and the truth that all very well, I leave you some Photos

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