First harvest finally jarred


I am happy to report that after all the issues at the end I have happily dried and jarred my first ever harvest of cannabis. Lost the main cola of obama kush to bud rot (which really sucks) but I feel I caught it before it had spread beyond that. I did a peroxide wash off the bugs closest to the mold but not all. They have been drying since last Saturday and the stems snapped easily so I jarred them up today. I am very happy to report I ended up with 9 and a half pint jars and a quarter jar as well. Wonderful color and the smell is intoxicating. It’s like a musky fruit and it’s amazing to smoke my own flower. Thank you everyone for the advice this season. I have a sunset sherbet hybrid that I’m harvesting tomorrow and that plant is even larger. Super fun and so damn exciting to be at this point.


hate to hear about the rot…i’m glad you were able to salvage a bunch…
that stuff spreads quickly


Congrats! Not sure if you are using them, but I love Boveda packs for stabilizing the humidity within the jars. They are a timesaver.


Yeah my local grow shop has those and I’ll pick some up tomorrow.


I would strongly suggest doing a complete wash of your harvest in peroxide. 1 cup of 3% in 5 gallons of water for 6 minutes, rinse and hang. That you had bud rot indicates the presence of mildew: best not to have that in your flower.


Congrats on the harvest, I had to harvest 2 plants about 3 weeks early due to bud rot. It’s been an epidemic this year. I have 4 outdoor girls 1 week from harvest and I have had to cut a bunch off one girl.

Can’t wait to see what you get out of your other girl.


Congrats on the first harvest!


Best time of the grow…Harvest!!! Congrats you had a struggle!