First Harvest feminized GSCE

I purchaced some GSCE seeds from ILGM . After an indoor grow starting in April, I cut them when the trichomes were all cloudy with a few amber ones present. I dried them for 8 days (the nugs tested at 10% on my General MM1E moisture meter). They have been curing for a week, and just couldn’t wait any longer. We had a liitle tasting party, and we were very surprised to find out how potent the GSCE was!!! Smells and tastes great. I was a little skeptical because the nugs weren’t very sticky (like the ones I have gotten from a dispensary). This was my first grow, and I couldn’t be happier…BadDog2242


Cool glad everything turned out good for ya

Congrats on your first harvest! Got any pics of said harvest?

Yeah, a few bumps but it turned out well

I do, but couldn’t find a way to attach them