First Harvest, Drying Question

It’s been seven days now and the branches aren’t snapping yet. The room has been 50°F-56°F and 63.3%-68.9% humidity. Let them keep drying, or should I start dry trimming them to place in jars for curing?

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Your humidity is too high in your drying room. You want it around 60%. Target for finished bud is 62% in the jar.

With that temp/humidity it’s going to be a bit longer. No worries, longer is better. I’m always trying to slow my dry down.

At some point you’ll have the experience to just gently squeeze the buds and know it’s time. Until then the stem snap is a decent rule of thumb.

Be sure to have Indirect air movement In the room.

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throw a bud in a ziplock bag with hydrometer and let it sit a few hours and see what the humidity is