First harvest complete

Well after discovering bud rot a day ago I’ve completed my first ever harvest of obama kush. Luckily I only found bud rot on the inner part of the main cola. I did the peroxide wash on a number of the flowers that was near the main cola but did not on the rest. I figure I’m trying to cover all bases by not washing all of them just in case things go south with the dry. I know everyone says the peroxide bath doesn’t increase the chance of mold but I feel better doing what I did. So i trimmed them all up and they are hanging in the closet from hangers. I’ve got a fan on the outside pointed at the closet and a small fan inside the closet on the floor of the far side pointed at the drying flowers. I also have put a number of loose nugs on a mesh hanger. I know that can cause a bit of flatness but I’ll roll them around a bit. I tried to make sure to spread out the buds a bit but there are still some super dense buds I’m worried about. I know this is the beginning of the most important part so I’ll probably pick up a dehumidifier tomorrow. Trying to keep it at 75 degrees with 45% humidity for the first two days then 70 degrees at 50% after that.
But everything considered I’m happy. I have my sunset sherbet I’m planning on taking down Thursday and that girl is even bigger.



I see little barrak !!

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Good work man looks awsome haven’t made it this far will be watching I’m 5 weeks behind you

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Those colors are sexy. Good job.


Looks like you did a great job congrats.

Nice haul! Looks delicious! Congrats!

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Congratulations on the harvest!

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Sweet harvest! I bet that is one funky closet. N those colors are fruity looking. Cant wait for the smoke report

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Gorgeous coloring on those buds.

Sweet !!! I can only hope I’m that successful with my first. I’m still waiting on some auto’s to start flowering !!

Thank you everyone on the congratulations. Im certainly happy with my work so far. It took me around 9-10 hours to trim all that up but it was my first time ever trimming bud as well, so I was watching a lot of videos lol. Yeah it certainly has a fruity with cheese undertones smell. I have a sunset sherbet hybrid that I’m taking down this weekend but hopefully it’s a little easier to trim up. My goal between the two plants was 12 ounces so I could have an ounce a month and not HAVE to buy cannabis. How close will I intimately come to that, shrugs no clue but it’s been a super fun experience and the fact that I will get to enjoy my own flower and share it with those I love is an amazing feeling. Cheers everyone and I’ll keep updating as I take down the next plant.


Did you take a wet weight? And heads up. Those buds are pretty close. Space that a bit and if u dont have it a nice breeze helps.

There is a small fan on the floor of the closet and I’ve tried to make sure none of the buds are touching while hanging. No I haven’t taken any weights yet. Honestly it was my first harvest and I was freaking BEAT at the end lol.

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Great job. Those are some beautiful nugs. Looks like you really knocked the first round out of the park. Also that’s a very nice trim job you did.

Great color. What’s the smell like?

YUUUUUUUMMY! looks delish!

Congratulations @NWamateur83… A job well done !

I would describe the smell as “funky fruit”. It has a sweet fruit smell but with a sort of cheese undertone to it. I am a big fan of funky cheese strains so I’m excited to see what it does with drying.