First gtow gsc extreme auto 73 days

I have a loupe , but hard to see. Camera on phone sux , I am old , shaky & don’t see well. Trichomes look cloudy to me & I thought I saw couple amber. Are they ready for 48 hours in the dark ? Thanks in advance


Look close, but the pics are pretty fuzzy. Any chance you can get some individual bud shots??

Wish i could of had mine get that big


One of each plant. Ty

Still not very good , sorry

Depends on what kind of buzz you want really… more amber = couch lock… cloudy = more energy etc imho

Nice plumpy buds on this lady. Very close to chop chop.

Ty , here is a lil better pic of 1 bud off each plant


My GSCE auto went 92 days.

Here’s what she looked like at the end.

You can always take a small snippet of bud and test it after drying.


Wow , looks great ! Hoping mine don’t take 92 days. What did your trichomes look like ?

What size pot is that ? Ty

There were all cloudy with a bit of amber, around 20%. And that’s a 3 gallon pot.

All my small plants finished quickly, but this girl yielded 5 oz, not bad for an auto.