First growing problems?

Hey fam noticed some yellow in leaves past couple days today I noticed brown spots I only use fox trio so far every other watering 2 or 3 cap falls like it says I think but 3 months bn ok until now I need the Marijuana gods of ILGM’s opinions lol I just got a bottle of ff cal mag havnt used it yet tho

Knowing that ff tends to need cal-mag I’d begin giving a little. Overall they look good. Slight nute burn on the tips. I feel like if you don’t get a little nute burn on the tips then you didn’t push it hard enough :slight_smile: . Just my OP. Good luck! Others will chime in soon


Haha that’s great thanks buddy!!

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Plants look good. Little calmag won’t hurt every water. Being midflower they are going to need a little more nitrogen. Like @JWhistler said a little nute burn at the tips isn’t hurting the flowers. Looks frosty in there! Good luck and happy growing!


I use only Fox Farms and I have never needed to use Cal-mag. I do use their entire line of nutrients plus Kelp Me, Kelp You and Wholly Mackerel.

The time I did use Cal-mag the plant went down hill faster than a $2 Hooker. I had to pull it as she never recovered. I won’t make that mistake ever again.


Lighter color leaves on top, dark leaves on the bottom with Burnt tips is nitrogen toxicity. Lighter color leaves on top with brown spots is a magnesium deficiency. But over watering or a bad PH pen could cause the same thing with a lockout.

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Omg I added a cap full to gal today hope that doesn’t happen I’ll cry

You will probably be fine. Luckily mine hadn’t
flowered when I added it. The two plants looked like death warmed over them. It was bad.

You will be fine using the calmag. I use it once plant starts to bud and lighting intensity goes up. I dont use any calmag untill the light flip bc i use standard tap water that has enough in it during veg. It is really hard to overdue it in my opinion.

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