First Growing, First Journal, Open to all recommendations

I was checking those and actually been doing some designs to actually make my own lights, as you know with panels you get the most light in the area covered by the panel then starts fading, so you have to bump up brightness so more power consumption reduce lifespan of lights, also I am working in a project with a raspberry pi to automatize the whole thing (light control, temp control, humidity, nutes temp, nutes ph, nutes ppm etc etc etc.) Also I have some weird ideas for aeroponics setups, I don’t know if those will be viable and actually works like creating support for the roots so they dont fall straight but the support will allow them to spread.

After this run I will start testing with the automatization etc. Right now I am trying to figure out as much as I can and avoid mistakes so I dont move those into the projects.


This reminds me of my first journal, asking questions with no one reading :yum:. Tag some folks in when you have a question. @Unknown @Caligurl etc. Sorry guys false alarm.

Plants look good. Raising your light height or lowering intensity would encourage the plants to grow taller. You can top within a wide timeframe. I have topped above the third node in the extreme, and above ) below any other node you can think of. These days I am waiting til they have decent lower branching started on their own before topping. Im not familiar with whatever watering / medium setup you have going. What is that coco pots in a hydro res? Either way seems to be working. I forget if you asked any more questions. Edit - oh yeah the pH drifting on you.

@peachfuzz @spyonyou

I believe those two are hydro guys and could probably address your pH questions


Shoot appreciate the tag to get here @Eagles009 , I’m down to watch,


I do have a question for ya, what’s your water temp? Like @Eagles009 stated girls look good, an me as well will top an chop early mid later I like to stress em a lil bit

Edit… @thedeernad an @Youngster may be able to assist ya there ad well


Thanks @Eagles009
I’m a watchin. :+1:t2:
Plants look great. I’m not familiar with that particular setup and type of growing
Things to keep in mind,

  • Calibration of PH meter
  • Water PH (PH 5.5 - 6.5)
  • Light (good light) see @dbrn32 for diy lights if that’s what you want.
  • Water temp (68ish degree F)
    Of corse all the other environmental conditions.

What kind of nutes are you using?
Keep’em growing! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag… I’m set to watch

@EnjoyW33D I think we are on the same path I’m working with raspberry pi also to help automate monitor and record my future grows… much respect

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Thanks for the tag @Eagles009 - I’ll tag a long for the ride!!

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Right now the water temp is 72~73º F

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A little high but okay as long a you are running hydroguard. Lower Temps also help with oxygen saturation or retention.

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@Youngster yep right now what I am focusing is on the water ph, sadly the 3 price ranges of PH meters really suck, you have the sub $30 that sucks, then you have the $70 ~ $150 that are “OKish” but too expensive for their quality and the really good ones $300 + that are great but too damn expensive.

I ordered a $80 ph probe from Atlas and I will be building the circuitry myself probably another $60 and can come with a really good device and pretty close in accuracy as the big brands.

What temp you recommend for the water in aeroponics systems, everywhere I read they always said 72~73º F


Run mine around 65-70… I’m in hydroponics vs aeroponics… but if you are using aeroponics I think that 72-73 is great considering your roots are suspended in air vs being submerged in water. What size spray are your getting out of your heads and are you running low psi or high psi aeroponics?


62F to 71F in aeroponics offers best stability for nute reservoir


Ok I guess I will lower the temperature then. I am using high pressure, right now I have it connected directly to the pump and because is only 4 girls with 4 mister each its enough but the pressurized tank will arrive this week, so I will be doing the upgrades during the weekend, using 90psi give or take.

The misters are the stainless steel ones on amazon the mist is really fine. I can not tell you the size of the droplets but they are really fine you can not even tell when it lands on your hands or the hair or your arms so I guess is small enough and read in multiple sites they work really well.

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Really interested in your setup… can you explain your setup I do hydroponics but desire the knowledge of aeroponics… I had a harder time trying to piece together and understand setting up the pump and tank for the system.

I think I just really had to do a little more digging but I have a pretty good understanding now… I believe I will do some more research on how to avoid stopping up the mister heads. I understand the inline filter option before each mist head but researching the suspension of nutes in solution under pressure and at temperature is what I’m interested in.

My setup for aeroponics its nothing fancy currently I am using.

Digital Timer (that can control on/off in seconds)
Aquatec 8800 Pump
1/4 OD Hose.

Right now this is working for me, its sub optimal because it will take the pump prob 0.5s to reach the optimal pressure for the misters to actually mist instead of dropping water. When the pump is off they will drip a couple drops to get rid of whatever is inside the mister, the hoses between the misters are longer than needed so they are always lower than the misters and full, just the mister space its what needs to be filled when the pump start before it star spraying (the 0.5s).

Because of the time intervals (3s on 5m off) and the hose material there is no much drop in temperature. Also because the tube is smaller the flow of water is really high when the pump is on and its enough to agitate the water to keep it mixed. Based on some crappy math I did, the amount of flow is about 5 gallons per day on this cycle, plus me adjusting the PH twice per day and mixing the whole thing helps to keep the reservoir mixed.

This weekend when I do the upgrade with the pressure tank I will get rid of the 0.5s that I am losing, also the tank is just 750ml that is a small amount, I would love to have one of 250ml but no where to be found. Also I will be adding a small aquarium pump inside the reservoir so it will keep everything moving and mixing the whole time but I think is overkill, the FloraSeries that I am using is fully water soluble and I stored for testing the week 1, week 2 and week 3 schedule on an area where they are not moved at all and I haven’t seen any flocculation and the week 1 is been there for 25 days so far.


Great info thanks for sharing that with me… I will be doing a diy soon when I start I’ll be in touch to make sure I don’t make unnecessary mistakes… if I can assist with anything please let me know… I’m glad you are here and again welcome

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It’s pretty easy to make your own Aeroponics system. I build and sell low pressure systems, happy to help if you have any questions.

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Definitely will reach out as I’m sure I’ll have alot of questions… I don’t want to hijack @EnjoyW33D post tho lol

Hi everybody, back here again, its being 2 really busy weeks with barely enough time to pay attention to my girls.

A quick update the lights finally arrived (thanks to the shipping company they arrived at different times and today I got the last one so I will be installing it when I arrive home). The girls are really bushy, I will be removing some of the leaves and branches today, I’ll post pics before and after .

Because they haven’t growth that much taller I decided to stay in Week 3 schedule to give them more time but they just kept getting bushy.

I upgraded my tank with air stones and everything to keep the nutes moving, adjusted temp etc.

I read in a post somewhere that its actually good after you cut to apply some aloe vera and that will help with the healing so I will be doing that as well.

@Youngster I’ve been messing with some microcontroller to make the interface for a PH probe for a raspberry PI and also as stand alone ph meter in case you interested.

@Jstar I finished my design for the root support and spreading and I will like to run those by you, also I saw in another post you mentioned that you make and sell the growing pots for low pressure aeroponics, I will like to see those and if possible buy a couple from you.

Well that’s for now until a couple hours. See you guys later.