First Growing, First Journal, Open to all recommendations

Hi everybody, I want to thanks to all of you guys who helped me with ides for the room setup. I did everything pretty much myself, don’t have enough space for a tent so I had to come with my personalized solution to make the most out of it.

I am starting this journal because I saw this post and I realized how help full it can be to have the input of all of you. Here is the description of the project.

Type of Growth: Indoor Aeroponics.
Technique: ScrOG.
Number of Plants: 4

This is my setup (sorry about the pictures but the lights kind of damaged the CMOS on my cellphone and don’t have enough room to move back to show more.

Setup Description:

L shape frame made out of wood with room at the bottom for the storage of nutrients, reservoir pump etc.

Total area: 23.75 sqft aprox (9.5ft lenght + 2.5ft wide)
Scrog space: 3".

Digital Timers for lights, humidifier, fan and pump.
Aquarium heater for reservoir with nutrients.
Digital thermometer outlet to control temperature (upgrading for one that allows me to set up temps for day and night)
Small oscillating fan.
Small cheap humidifier.
Small cheap space heater.
2 10" Carbon filters.
3D Printed adapter for Noctua Fans high static pressure industrial model. (The red and green on the pics attached to the Carbon filters)
4 x 12000 lumens 4000ºK lights.
PH and EC meter.
5000 ml beaker.


Temp: 73.5ºF ~ 75.5ºF
Humidity: 50% ~ 60% (Adjusted today)
Light Cycle: 18/6
Growing Material: Coconut Coir / Perlite (70%/30%)
Nutrients: FloraBio Full Set.


2021-01-17: Seeds soaked in water for 36H until sprouts start showing up then moved to the 4" pots with the coco-perlite mix after they show small roots coming out (1/8"). Seeds put about 1/2" underneat.

I turn on the lights and by 2021-01-20 start seeing the small round leaves coming out. 2 days later 3 out of the 4 dropped the seed but one was still stuck on it, I watered it a couple times and was able to remove the seeds. Also started giving nutrients about 2ml per day of the week 1 of FloraBio DTW recommended feeding chart.

Plants continue evolving and by 2021-01-24 I was able to see the first small serrated leaves coming out of. Continued the feeding schedule until 2021-01-26.

2021-01-27 First mistake, I pulled the wrong chart (the one for recirculating of nutrients) to make the week 2 nutrient mix, I poured 4ml and like 8 hours later went to check and saw signs of nutrient burn in one of the plants and realized of my mistake, I flushed the soil with distilled water.

This are the pics of the plants after the flush:

2021-01-28 I feed the plants again with 2ml this time cause soil was still a little wet, when I came to check a couple hours ago I could see the difference. Check it.

Also noted when I checked the plants that the leaves were bending up taco style, didn’t pay that much attention and continued reading the journal linked before then 10 post later I found that if the plants are too close to the light they will not grow tall enough, and a couple more post later some one mention the taco shape of the leaves = light stress, immediately went back and lowered the plants from the light source about 10 inches and 3 hours later when I took the pictures the leaves have returned almost to its flat shape.

And this is where I am. Right now I checked them to see if roots start showing up outside the pots so I will move them to the bins so no light gets in and start the aeroponic feeding.

That’s all for now, I hope you guys enjoy it.


it’s my first grow
I’m not sure how this works but could you possibly help?


Your soil looks really really wet. You could get some more dirt in there to backfill around the stems for support. Your seedlings stretching out like that means they want more light.


I have them under and LED grow light. Hold tight. I’ll show you my setup.


I see you made a thread let’s move over there. Sorry for the hijack @EnjoyW33D

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Not a problem.


Your setup is looking clean. Plants look nice and healthy. Very nice my friend!

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You’re doing great. These forums provide great advice and they show you what may come up on a daily basis. Happy Growing!

2021-01-29 Just came to check the little girls, I found that the biggest one is starting to show roots at the bottom about the size of 3mm / 1/8", didn’t want to take pictures and put it back on top of the bin cover to avoid exposing it to light. I wonder if I should wait or now is the time to put them on the bins, lower the lights and turn on the aeroponics system.

I’ve been trying to find your post to check your progress but haven’t been able can you @mention me on it. Thanks.

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@Myfriendis410 sorry to mention you here, I saw in other post this from you:

The nutrients are packaged separately because they don’t play well together. There is a specific mixing order to use so if you want to increase solution concentration (more nutes) to an existing mix, simply mix an extra strong solution in a separate container then blend in to weaker solution.

The only order I know from the feeding chart is this:

Which comes first, Armor Si or CALiMAGic?
• When using both Armor Si and CALiMAGic,
add Armor Si to the reservoir rst.
• When using Armor Si and/or CALiMAGic, with Flora Series,
these products should be added prior to adding FloraMicro.

I’ve been doing that but I don’t know if there is an order for the rest of the products. Can you help me clarify this please.


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2021-02-04: Hello everyone again, coming with updates, didn’t post sooner because it was a pain to do the recirculation system with the current bins I have but now I managed to finish and to make sure they are sealed and no leaking on the floor.

Here is how they look like:


All pretty similar, a bunch of new leaves coming, gonna be 3D printing the rings to start training the girls.

Right now this girls are 2 weeks since the small round leaves came out. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, I am little worried, I have the aeroponics system running 3s every hour, do to the roots showing on the outside are probably around 20 per plant with a length between 1 to 3 inches. The thing is with this frequency the Coco/Perlite mix is getting really wet and I dont want to risk overwatering effects. Any recommendations how to prevent this, or just to reduce how often I water until the roots cover the outside of the pot?

2021-02-09 Update:

The girls continue to grow really fast, here are some pics:

Girl 1: GoldLeaf

This is the biggest and tallest one it looks really nice.

Girl 2: GoldLeaf

This one is the 2nd runner.

Girl 3: SuperSkunk

Is growing fine without issues but its the shortest one.

Girl 4: SuperSkunk

This is the 3rd in size and height.

As you can see they growing really well, right now I have them on feeding schedule of 3s every 15m.

Daily I check the PPM and the PH of the nutes. The PH varies a ton every 24h so I have to readjust. Normally when testing the PH is around 6.3~6.4 then adjust it to 5.8~5.9, also the PPM reading from the water is always dropping, Started at 1300 and now is at 1178 so I guess they are eating without issues.

Also I had to lower the intensity of the humidifier because my room was getting more and more humid, I am keeping it around 50% RH.

A couple questions.

  1. Is normal the PH variation?
  2. its it good the way I am doing it?
  3. Its the watering cycle correct or should I increase it?
  4. How many days you guys think I need to wait before topping it or are they ready?
  5. Any recommendation that you guys can think of?

In my mind the PH variation seems to be really good because when I lower it gives chance for some nutes to be absorbed and when it increase it gives the chance for others to be absorbed like calcium that according to what I’ve read says is not absorbed with a PH below 6.2.

Also did some other upgrades to the room, variable temp during day 76~78 F and during night 68~69 F. Water temp stable at 72 F

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I noted that the pics are in the wrong order (dumb me) and wasn’t able to edit the post so here they go again.

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

Girl 3:

Girl 4:


2021-02-15 32 Days after they sprout. Give me your opinions, also I wonder if they are kind of short, should I reduce the amount of light to force them go higher?? Also, I cropped them 3 days ago, I remove the 3 finger leaves and the top, you can see in the back that I put the tops trying to clone them (lets see how it goes) also I started the LST.

Please if you have any recommendation to improve my girls, or any idea feel free to post it. Thanks.
@Jstar Sorry to mention you here, if possible I would like to have your input. Thanks.


Girl 1: GL

Girl 2: GL

Girl 3: SSK

Girl 4: SSK


I have not been on in a while, but thanks for the tag!
They are a little small for 32 days but every plant is a little different. Topping normally causes the plant to bush out horizontal and removing some lower branches can cause the plant to grow a little taller. What light are you using? That is normally the biggest factor for any indoor grow. Fell free to tag me anytime, but I am not on as much as I was due to a changing jobs and working 60 hour weeks so it may take me a minute to respond. @EnjoyW33D

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And I will eventually post and update my journal, got a little over 2 pounds from my last harvest of some amazing fruity pebbles and hogs breath. Both unique and amazing strains.


Its ok, I am thankful that you took your time to reply. Right now I am running with some random LED lights 125w x 4 4000K and also have 4 extra LED red lamps 15w each, so this are not fancy or anything. I just ordered the kingbrite lights they should be here by mid next week, until then I have to do with what I have.

What I am concerned are 2 things. First maybe I have too much light and that’s why they are not growing taller. The roots look amazing, and checking the nutes PH twice per day because it fluctuates a lot I usually set it to 5.6~5.7 and after 12H the PH is 6.2~6.5, looks like these girls drink the N, P and K like drinking beer and leave just the bases (calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.) and the PH ramps up.

My 2nd concern is when to crop the big leaves that are still exposed to light and giving shadow to the medium size branches, and the bottom branches that are in complete shadow. I dont want to stress the girls.


I like to remove fan leaves more than once. I recommend removing a lot, most in fact before you switch them to 12/12, and then again about 3 weeks into flower. Exparament and see what works best for you. That’s the fun of growing! Learning, getting better, trying new things to see what works, and then seeing your baby’s turn into beautiful stinky adults lol.
I love growing hydro much more than soil. I like to be highly involved in the plants growth, and for me, hydro has been much more rewarding. In my enjoyment in growing as well as my yeild.
Lights are important for sure, king bright will probably be an upgrade to what you have. Too much light is pretty hard to give them, but improper spectrum can have negative growth effects, like smaller plants.if you can spend the money, check out hlg, or growers choice. Growers choice has some absolutely fantastic lights, but they are not cheap. Pacific lighting concepts has some kick ass strips if you are into diy as well.

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