First Grow Zkittlez Autoflower x A Pot for Pot

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This is my first grow and I wanted to document it because I’m really excited. Hopefully my experience can be helpful to someone in the future.


My seed took a while to germinate I think my water could’ve been a little warmer when i germinated it, but heres pics of my seed from Aug 28 2020. It took around 3-4 days to finally germinate.

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My plant sprouted on Aug 30 2020. I proceeded to put in my window during the day and at night I had it under my desk lamp. The desk lamp was a really bad idea. The desk lamp was way too far from my plant and caused it to stretch tremendously. These are pictures of my seedling on Sept 7 2020. After only a week my plant was extra long with tiny leaves.

I ordered a 35 watt LED light for it off of Amazon ( CANAGROW 35W LED Grow Light Bulb, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, E26 Plant Grow Light Bulb, Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Greenhouse Succulent Flower Veg and Bloom : ).
After getting the light my seedling did a lot better and I planted my jiffy pellet on Sep 13 2020. I planted it a lot deeper than what i was supposed to in order to account for the stretch that occurred. This is what my plant looked like on the 18th (Day 19).

Yes I did put aluminum foil around my pot. I had to do what I had to do lol.


I think it is important for me to add that the same day I set up my pot and soaked it and add all of the nutrients in the A Pot for Pot grow kit white spots began showing up on the side of my pot. This spread from the bottom of my pot to the top. I emailed A Pot for Pot and this is what they said “the white stuff. Either salts from your water source or happy beneficial bacteria taking advantage of the breathable fabric pot. Remember the rooting booster from setting up your pot? That’s the stuff! If anything, that stuff is enabling your plant’s roots to breathe better. Not hurting your plant and you can brush it off it you like.” I also contacted ILGM and they said " I would just make sure that you only water the plants every 2 or 3 days and make sure that they have plenty of ventilation, this blog about powdery mildew should help, as long as it is not on the plants it should be ok."

Hopefully it’s just the salts. I’ve been dealing with a powdery mildew problem for months and gone to the realization it’s way too time consuming. Wish I had cut my loses cleaned and just started over…it’s a never ending battle.

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Almost ready for harvest… lol your doing fine with what ya got. I’ve had cloth pots look a lot worse then that with green algae and salt. Your okay clean it up if ya want. Keep up with photos and progress. I’ll pull up a chair. Good luck


Progress Pictures:
Day 23

Day 25

Day 28 (preflower?)

Day 30 (Started LST after taking the photo)

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34


Looks like shes starting her stretch for preflower.
Looks good. I’m still using some tinfoil at the moment. Havent put the mylar up yet. I’m lazy, waiting for the next grow to do. Lol.

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Looking very good!

What size pot? I also did AP4P for my first grow; thought it would be easier. I went small since it was my first attempt with two 1/2 gallon pots. Both pots had that build up on the outside. After one harvest, I checked it our and it was mostly salts. No mildew! One had much more build up because I added nutes; the other much less since I did not add much (some Cal/Mag) since the P4P people told me it was not necessary to add anything. Although they did say if I wanted to at a lower dosage.

Keep up the nice work!


On day 35, I moved my plant to a new location and as I was setting up the last few things my light fell on my plant and ripped of one of my longest branches with a lot of preflowers. another branch was broken, but it is hanging on so hopefully it’ll fix itself.

The branch that broke was hanging on by a thread. I’m not sure if I could’ve saved it by taping it, but now I’m experimenting with it and hoping it’ll root again. I know I can’t reveg, but maybe it’ll continue flowering and all won’t be lost.

Day 38 (October 7)

White hairs are in a couple areas now. I will post a pic when she is full of them.

Her name is Malcolm by the way.

Thanks. I bought the 2 gallon kit. I was looking at the 1/2 gallon, but
I figured since they give us $40 coupon I might as well go for 2 instead.

It’s good to know that it was mostly salts. My roommate’s cat lick the side of it a while back and I was too scared to tell her. Now I’m very relieved that it’s just salt.


Looking good mate she’s flowering (pre flowering)at almost the exact same time as my Jack herer also at 6 weeks/42 days

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The only concern I have now is regarding my leaves at the very bottom. The leaves under the one depicted below wilted along with the other small leaves near them. Now the fan leave on the bottom are starting to do the same thing: turn slightly yellow on the edges and eventually everywhere, become soft and droopy, turn brown in places.

I don’t know if this is because I am just now starting a more regular water schedule or if my plant is just getting rid of leaves it doesn’t need. I have convinced myself that my plant is dying from the bottom up.

These pictures were taken yesterday.

The first leave started off like the second one and now it looks like this today.

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Do you top water that would explain a lot of the damage on that last picture as for the lesser damage might be a touch of either nute burn or cal mag deficiency I wouldn’t worry to much unless it effects new growth I usually pluck lower dying growth

Bro why’s my cat acting funny!! LoL

I ran a gallon of water through my Brita filter so its filter/distilled water. And thanks I’ll probably just clip that leaf off.

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Day 42

Long white hairs and buds/flowers are opening up. An extra inch of growth since first stretch in the beginning of flowering. Broken branch is reattaching itself. The smell of my plant is beginning to change it is not strong yet.


Is it too late for pruning? All of my other bud sites are flourishing, but the two lower branches aren’t looking as great. Will cutting them cost my plant too much stress? Should I just cut off the leaves?

Day 45 almost 9 inches :slight_smile: