First grow: z skittlez autos in a 4x4

He has some good ones

No idea at all he just said sorry guys I’m about to get banned then he was

I thought it was joking

I could see how there’s a few snowflakes here.

So close, “the suspense is terrible, i hope it lasts”!! 2 are damn near ready, the rest seem to be around 2 weeks for some, maybe 3 for the youngest

That 3rd pic definitely looks harvestable (I think its the closer middle girl)grats dude today was the last day for my last girl(a Jack herer) truthfully I could probably let her go for another week to let her foxtail a bit but I said screw it I want to start second grow already lol anyway your buds are lookin fat and they’ll just get fatter too

I feel the same, after all the unknowing .mistakes i made with this run, ill keep a log on the next one. Yeah i pulled the one so ill have a text subject for curing.

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The phenos

All smell so good
Yum yum

I pulled this one a few days ago, wish i had a better place to dry since i will be using my tent to dry the rest. Not too bad for drying in my bedroom

Been testing nugs as i burp my test cure plant. Flavor isnt there yet but the smell is starting to dank up