First grow: z skittlez autos in a 4x4

Im sure we will figure it out as we grow, lol

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Also, i just picked up some Xnutrients silica, its inexpensive but i heard its decent. Does anyone know if its too early to use??

Nahh dyna grows pro tekt(their brand of silica) is supposed to be used from very 1st feeding in every feeding

Xnutrients feeding schedule says second week of veg which im passed that but i figured its always better to ask for more input like jonny 5

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These girls are exploding!! Also 7 of 8 seem to be in preflower…


Fuckin A, some asskweef ran into a power box in my hood and the powers been out for about 2 hours now!!! Thank jeebus that i have a little gas generator to run my tent :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::scream::thinking::pray: i went lights out early to save some fuel but GD!!

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I feel ya the idiot’s around here are astounding, is it really that hard to NOT frick up everything around you

I guess it wasnt a car cause i just heard it again but the power only flickered… transformer must be blowin up or maybe a meth lab lol

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that is a hot mist one isnt it? i got one last time and had to change it out for cool mist. the hot bothered my plants

Nah you can use it cold foliar spray or in your watering/feed

i got it for my winter grow to warm the room too.

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Cool mist

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Did a lil light defoliation, mostly the scruff at the bottom. Got lots of bud sites forming for the last 2 days. My camera doesnt seem to want to focus when i try to take pics of the hairs

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Oh snap!

Too heavy to tape back on :sob: