First grow: z skittlez autos in a 4x4

Day 7 and only half of my seeds germinated. I fear that i might of accidentally placed the cups edge directly over several seeds, one sprouted outside the cup which im not sure how tf that happened. 6 of the 12 are looking awesome and super tall so far.
Premium Coco coir/perlite in 3 gallon cloth pots
Z skittlez autos
Filtered water with ph at around 6.2
Dropped my seed directly into coco on the 7th, first sprout around 2.5 days (just 1), 2 more the next day, 3 more on the 5th. So far the other 6 havent shown any activity, ive moistened the whole top of the coco a bit just incase the seed somehow weren’t where they were supposed to be.


The smallest and the biggest, but they’re evening out

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Looking good but they are starting to stretch on you a bit. I would come down with the lights a few inches. How many watts are they each?

Thank God I’m not the only one to have issues with zkittle seed germs started 3 1 was a full dud 1 gave up after I planted but luckily then next 2 seeds (which were the smallest in the bag) germed nicely but one had a helmet head but is recovering nicely and the other just got planted so I’m praying but my harvest is gonna be all over the place ,I also recommend lowering your lights a tiny bit my 1st girl started stretching cause her spot was a lil dimmer then the rest of the room (5500 lux and she wanted 7000)

Also I read seedlings dont really need domes my number 1 girl never had 1 at all number 2 only got 1 to soften the helmet head and 3 has one to prevent another helmet head but as soon as they split on the surface I just give them 2 sprays a day cause I think the dome blocks to much light for development this is 1 after five days developing nicely


Oooh watching this, def want to see how the zkittles comes out

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I’ve just had a dud melon gum auto and a dud cherry bomb auto fail the germination too, never ever had a failed germination before and I had two in one day :joy: set to watching :v:t2: I have an American pie auto and another cherry bomb auto Germinating and on the go noW

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Yeah i actually lowered the lights last night, i wasn’t sure if these alledged 1000w light would burn em but they dont seem to put off much heat at all. Im glad i planted 12, im sure 6 will fill out the tent pretty well if i properly LTS and what not. Any recommendations on spectrum combo? These light can be adjusted in all kinds of ways…

Ok so i guess today is the actual day 7, must of smoked before i wrote my post hehe
Gave them the first feeding 1/4 strength cal/mag, earth juice A and B. Not sure what else to feed them yet… any suggestions?

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The pic they show on the buying page looks dank af, i hope mine will be as perty :slight_smile:

1000w allegedly

You have an Amazon link or model number. I’ll wager if they advertise 1000 they are prob putting out around 100. If so you are prob gonna have to get pretty close and you will likely need to upgrade if you want to flower effectively. I started with “1000” watt blurples a month ago. I’ve changed lights twice since then lol.


Welcome ! Looks like you have a little room to backfill some. Raise dirt level take care of some of the stretchy stem. Also if you can get a small fan an create a little air flow make the ladies dance a little will help strengthen the stems. just my thoughts good luck.


The cheap chinese lights are never what they claim to be, the light actually consumes 110 watts and probably 10 of those watts is running the fan, so maybe 100 real watts of light. Even 2 of those lights will not light up a 4x4 tent sufficiently for veg, much less flowering. Still got the boxes? Maybe you can return them and get some decent lights.

From the description:

HIGH PPFD VALUE&HIGH EFFICIENCY: The 1000-watt light effect consumes only 110 watts of electricity! HOW ECONOMICAL!

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Hi, I’m set to follow if you don’t mind! Just started germinating 3 auto Zkittles as well.


yay! me too! 6 zkittles today


I got 3 Zkittles a few weeks back…I’ll be doing them on my next grow here in about a month. So if ya don’t mind…I’ll tag along for the adventure and see how things go.

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Day 8

Breaking news!! When the light came on after their nap, 2 sprouts had popped up! One had a bit of a helmet head and looks a little retarded but im still excited.

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I love how helmet head survivors look its always a little derpy but usually charming mine have THICC starting leaves

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