First Grow WW Photo & JH Auto... wish me LUCK!

Hey All,

Decided I would start a journal on here, and track my progress or lack of lol. It’ll help me for sure, and maybe this journal will help someone else.

Please follow, as I am going to need a lot of help!

I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Thank you,










Hi there and welcome. you have come to the right place.


White Widows are 10 days old above ground :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Good Morning All and Happy Friday!

Also happy April Fools :wink:

So the WW Photo’s are 2 weeks old out of ground today :slight_smile:

The JH Auto are 11 Days old.

How is everyone looking? I do have a some questions:

1- Why is the WW leaves curving/wavy? Just genetics or temps?
2- How is my node spacing? I was dealing withe stretchy seedlings a week ago, so I increased the light strength, and moved them closer. Node spacing looks too close IMO.
3- Am I in the veg state now with these WW’s, or I am still in the seedling stage?

Thank you!!!

WW Photo:

JH Auto:

@Hellraiser @MidwestGuy @JiggaMan1987 @beardless @CooterJuice

Just wanting to add some Pro’s/Regulars, as I would love your help thru this journey. Thanks all!

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Thanks for the tag ill follow along brother. Everything is looking good man. Id say it safe to say your in veg state now

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Hell yeah! Rock on boss. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Starting a YouTube channel to document this grow. Just posted a video. Check it out!!

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Hey guys,

Should I transplant? I wanted to wait till their 3 week birthday (this friday), but I’m worried about getting root bound.



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Looking good. You can transplant now if you like. But if you want to wait til Friday they’ll be fine til then as well

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Cool beans. I might just wait till Friday then :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Np brother, your welcome!

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Moving Day!!

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Looking nice and healthy!! :v:

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