First grow WW Auto


Hello for folks. First grow. This place has been immense for me with regard to learning. Any thoughts on my girls would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 3 weeks in flower. WW auto.


@Tave lookin good!!!


Nice how tall are they


Thank you for kind words folks.


They’re all around 27-28 inches.


I agree everything looks good to me
Welcome to forum
If you neef anything just tag me happy growing @Tave


Welcome @Tave lookin good buddy


Hello folks. Plants have been in flower for roughly 50 days now. Thoughts on the trichomes?

Thank you in advance.


Forgot to tag someone for help.


Some more pics


Four different plants


In the first pic I think I still see alot of clear trichs.
Can you get us some pics under a more neutral light source?


I agree on-seeing lots of clear dont rush to harvest the last weeks are the hardest and most tempting
Get a over all picture of the plants for us as well please


Thank you for the response @Growit and @Countryboyjvd1971
Hopefully this help a bit more.


Judging by over all plant which looks great
Id say your still a few weeks away @Tave
I see alot of white pistols which tells me you can still pack on some wieght
I would continue to feed them and let them go a bit longer myself


Do you use any type of bloom boosters ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 Been using the Advanced Nutrients line. Just watered them with plain PH distilled water on Wednesday . Was worried about another feeding if I needed to start flushing but maybe with feed them again.


If it was me i would lol
Im a bit more aggressive with my nutrients then alot of the others here
Ill feed up to about a week ir two from harvest
I tbink your maybe 3 weeks out yet so one more feeding then just ph water till harvest let her use up all stored nutrients
I should also mention i have never used that brand of nutrients either


@Countryboyjvd1971 Sounds good. Thank you for your insight. Cheers.


No worries :wink: happy growing :v:️ CB