First grow WW Auto. Your thoughts?

My first grow. I don’t want to mess the timing up. I was thinking another two weeks until harvest. Your thoughts?

This is 1 of 4 I have in flower ATM.

Can upload more pics if needed.


I’m guessing 4-6 weeks. No idea how long she’s been actually in flower but the buds are still loose and small, loads of fresh white pistils. She’s got plenty of growing up to do if you let her.


Weeks left. This has been flowering for 66 days and still has around 2 weeks to go.


@Dexterado just curious if you have raised your light or turned down dimmer to let her finish. Pretty sure we are growing under the same light and im about 10 days behind you. Im trying to get as little foxtailing as possible and have mine running on 7 out of 10?? Just wondering. Thanks

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You can also reduce lighting hours by 2 during the ripening. Restricting nitrogen will also help with foxtails. Nitrogen not needed for ripening anyhow.

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Yes I did. I went to 11 hours on, and turned my light down to 280w.

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Thanks for the info. We are on the same thought process.

Did I wait too long on this one?

Looks pretty perfect to me. What do the trichomes say?