First grow ww auto with hydro system

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So I have super closet system 2x4x7 tent. I’m germinating in Rockwoll (Tuesday). Put a humidifier in today as my humidity was at 30% although I do have a dome and heat mat. I have bought filtered water as my tap water is at a 320. I tested my ph and adjusted to between 5.5 and 6 using a color chart. I did not use any fertilizer or anything. I have a filter inside my tent exhausting out to a 171 cfm inline fan. I have one 6" clip fan inside. Just looking for any advise I can get a this will be my only source for smoke. I have no source of co2 and wondering if that is necessary? Also I have a tds meter, but wondering if a ph meter is worth it? I have a solution ph tester kit, but it seems like a digital meter would be easier? Anything else you can think of that I may need before transplanting would be great! Thank in advance!


A pH pen will help out a lot.

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I’m hoping to get 6 plants in here. Should I put them all next each other in the middle, or disperse them? Is it ok to leave the ones not in use open, or should I cover them?

Spread them out as far apart as you can for best results

cover any empty spots and you may want to consider light proofing the tray light makes for algae

Oh yeah, it will be in a grow tent when the time comes… Just preparing for now. Thanks!

LOL that’s not exactly what he means, One should keep the roots in the dark, that’s why he recommended you cover the holes and some people paint it black or wrap black plastic to block the light from getting to the root zone

  • best of luck :thumbsup:
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Well… This is why I need you guys lol! Thanks for the clarification

I have my first spouts! 2 of 6 came through. Should I turn my lights on right away or wait? How long should I wait to transplant to the hydro system after they sprout?

Also I have a l600 kind led light in a 2x4x7 tent.

are you starting them in rockwool? or rapid rooters? I tend to start anything in hydro as clones or in rockwool but that’s just me I like to know they have enough roots to survive before putting them in DWC since you don’t actually submerge plant you let your roots work their way to the water all you want is the mist from bubbles popping moistening your medium

Yep they are in Rockwool, so I’ll wait till the roots come out to transplant. Should I turn on the lights now or wait? Also when should I take my dome off?

Oh ya turn the lights on as soon as they pop up. They will need that light ASAP. @lesliegjones83


Thanks. They are 5 ww autos and one ak47 auto (which is one that has sprouted already). I planted them on Monday. Is 20/4 of light ok at this point? I heard ww like alot of light.

as soon as they break the surface you need light
leave dome on until they have a couple sets of true leaves but let them acclimate by keeping light further away and taking dome off for few minutes several times a day they want a 70-90% humidity


20/4 will work but root growth likes 18/6 think of it as you have limited workers while lights are on they are busy gathering once they are off they use and store what they have gathered I find my plants are healthiest 18/6


Much appreciated!