First grow: WW Auto Flower

Ive got nutes and am now ordering grow bags 3 gallon wide sound good is there much difference in the brand sorry been absent had real life knock down but back and ready

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There is a little difference in the dimensions of the bags depending on the brand. Some are taller an some are wider personally I like the wider bags. I’ve used a couple of different brands an had success with both. Glad you’re getting back on track.

Ive got a small vathroim 8x4 is my designated

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Fat fingers lol

That’s a nice big space.

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These are short and bushy seem small in leafy any ideas those bushy ones are photos started for outdoors the others are my indoor auts bubba kush they seem normal?

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My nursery cabinet


How much per 5 gallon do you mix and how often you feed my babies are 10 days autos

Fox farm ocean forest you will not need to feed for about 5 weeks after seedlings stage. Happy frog not as hot. PH water only , What brand nute product are you planning on using @Powderburn1

I ordered what you sugested earlier when i got light i will let soil work for 5 weeks after seedling …ordered a buy get 1free gold leaf cant wait to try them outside

Dyna grow veg and flower

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You will love the gold leaf One of my favorites they produce some large colas. Dyna-gro It’s a easy product to use and will produce the goods.