First Grow, would like some advice please


This is for the Quantum Boards and kits. But here is the problem. Last night they got there re-stock in at 6:15 and by the next morning they are all sold out. So if your going to buy one of these you must look at the re-stock date and time and be right there to order before they go out-of-stock. I don’t know if they ship oversea yet. You would have to call. I think the 135w kit would be great for you. I think its $185 but it won’t be available for another month or so but that will give you time to convince Wiffy Poo to spend the money. Just tell her you will get twice the oil per plant with that light and you won’t be lying either

Someone in this forum bought one and you should see his grow.

Here is a link to his grow with that kit.
If you go DIY you will need drivers which you can get at arrowDOTcom


Thank you very much. Like I said, it’s likely to be after Xmas now, so I’ll keep a close eye on the site. And/or source the product uk side if they don’t ship. :+1:

I’ll have a look at the grow now and be in awe.

I’m having fun with this, but it’s not a cheap hobby!


Having fun too, but since this is our first grow I get so anxious that I’m going to do some thing stupid right at the end and screw up months of hard work. With the boards I bought yesterday I have about $1300 just in lights, but doing it myself has saved me $1000.
Theres another board they sell out of Australia that would work even better if they don’t ship overseas.
We’ll get you hooked up some how.


Just looking at the 288 and the 305 boards, bar led count what’s the diffence?

Just having a quick look, buying the components instead of the kit will save about $70usd. Which on a $185 kit is a massive saving.

I actually have some alloy sheets knocking about so that would be one thing less I’d need, but like you I’d gets some angle iron to make it more rigid.

Minus shipping I recon u could build a shit hot light for less than a half decent Chinese light. Probably just over $100 which is about £80. Or am I missing something? Like I said I just had a quick look.


The only difference between the 2 boards is the forward voltage. the 288 being 54 and the 304 is 115.

So you have to run more amps on the 288 board to get the same wattage as a 304 board

Cost of heat sink and plugs and wires make up the additional cost and shipping. But if you are into it you could try to order 1 QB288 and see what happens. Then tell your wife that you need to buy a driver to make it work and just buy things that way and you will never miss the money.:crazy_face::crazy_face:


I know the drill, being a bit of a geek, I have a house full of usless shit lol

But then again the wife is forever getting something out the wardrobe and saying “this old thing” while hiding the label!

The answer to a happy marriage is turning a blind eye.

To be honest she doesn’t really care, we have our bill and savings account then our own accounts it helps to not see or know how much the other waists. I know I don’t want her seeing my spendings, and I’m sure I don’t want to see here. However if we did, we may be able to afford that villa in Spain!


Wow! Your that rich. Am I talking to a Royal


I wish I was :confused:


@MAXHeadRoom I know you’ll know this off your head, what is the watts per foot one should be aiming for.

My super chi light is… Well… Err… Not that super. Not a surprise there.

So I actually done some maths to see what ive currently got, which is 200w of cfl which equals 22.2w/sqf.

Now my plan was to use the led panel and 4 cfls, however that just equals what I had @ 24.4w /sqf

So my new plan is to use 8 cfls plus the panel which brings it up to 35.5w/sqf.

Is this enough? Is it over kill? Is it ever overkill lol :joy:

My poor poor electric bill.

Also i have a concern/question, as the chi panel is veg and flower, does this mean half the leds are waisted given they are the wrong k output. Maybe I would be better just adding 5 cfls to the current setup. Heat isn’t really an issue, ad these flower bulbs are much cooler than the the white 6500k (irc) I’m using to veg. I doubt I’ll be putting any of my veg under leds the cfls seem to work fine for that.

Also if I was to replicate your set up, but 2 panels, what is the actual output of them, is it over 320w?? That’s what the chi + 8led is. Also Can you get the panel is the kelvin you want eg 100% 3500k /5000k. As I said above I doubt I’d go led for veg higher kelvins on led I’m not interested in. Even if I was, I’d want 100% 6000k+ boards.

I know alot of questions. Sorry.


Good Morning! Still on my first cup of coffee but I will try to answer all your questions

  1. Watts per square foot should be 35 minimum and 50 is best. I am running over 65 with my light at 8 inches above canopy. These plants can take a lot of light.
  2. So even what you think you have by the ratings on the bulb and the spec on your China light the actual wattage coming out of the wall will be much less, So you are probably running even lower than you think. Purchase a $15 watt meter so you can get an accurate setup.
  3. Your best setup would be 2 panels for your flower room, that would give you 250 watts and then put CFL around the perimeter till you get your desired wattage per sqft. The panels come in different color temperatures from 3000-5000. 3000 is best for flower.

I hope that answers all your questions.


I have a meter, the 1000w panel runs at 120w, the cfl bulbs are spot on, thr say 25w each and they are. At least some one tells the truth.

Atm, I’m not investing any more, I’ll just have to see how 35.5w does compared to my current 22.5w /sqf. Given its over 50% increase it should be noticeable.

Could do with some solar panels to off set the cost a bit.

Edit thanks @MAXHeadRoom


With the new 500 watt light and 4 china lights at 400 watts, my electric bill went up only $65 a month. Not to bad. I bought another 4 LED panels at 3000K to flower another 3x3 space. Just got the email this morning that they are on there way. My goal is to get 1 pound out of two plants

I also made some oil the other day and it turned out more like tar then oil. Can you give me your recipe?

How long till you harvest? 2 weeks :rofl:


i use rick simpson method, but add a tea spoon, or two, of olive oil, as it does turn to a dense tar.

yes two weeks i think. i gave them their last feed on monday. just water from now on in. putting two plants in to 48h of dark tomorrow.


so is it the more light you provide the better your yield will be?


@torixredduer rule of thumb yes, but it has to be the right light also @ around 3000kelvin.(the warmer yellow lights if using cfl). nutrients play into it to.

@MAXHeadRoom I miscalculated my watts per foot, as I just assumed my tents was 3x3", however they are 80cm² or 2.75inch squared. So with my new set up, which I just finished (almost) is actually 42watts per square foot. Which sounds much nicer.

All the lighting is now down, bar bulbs coming tomorrow, just have to set up my stand to sit the plants on so I can flush if needed.


@TheDuke so once I figure out the area of my set up and get something started can I post a pic and ask all of you guys what you think?


You can ask, but I’m learning too, my first grow is about 2 weeks from harvest. Cos of my sub par lighting set up (which I was warned), my yield isn’t going to be large. But it ain’t half sticky and smelly so should be good.

Hopefully it will yield enough oil to see us through till the next harvest, which is about to be but into flower Monday. So 8-10 weeks away.

I doubt I’ll have enough oil. I’ll need 2 and a half oz for ten weeks of oil at the rate the wife uses it. (she isn’t well). But the draw goal is to have a harvest every 4-6weeks. I’ll just freeze any buds we don’t use. Come to think of it, I don’t know if bugs freeze well.

Issue will be, I won’t be able to weigh the first harvest properly as I’m going to cut it down, dry for the one week then turn it to oil(we are running low). So I’ll have to do a day 7 weigh on my second crop to get a comparison.


Good luck I’m trying to make oil as well what strain are you using?


You mis calculated again. 80cm divided by 2.54 = 31.5" divide by 12 to get feet 2.625 times by 2 to get square feet 5.25 then 320 watts divided by 5.25 = 60.9 watts a sqft.
That will flower some weed for sure :laughing::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::palm_tree:
If you go with 6-25w CFL and the china light you will be at 51.4 sqft per watt. But more is always better.

Thanks for the recipe @TheDuke I just got some vegetable glycerin today
Ordered a scale yesterday :balance_scale:

Take some pics before harvest :scissors:


Cheers @MAXHeadRoom, I’ll takes shots for sure. I’ll have some posted before I go anywhere near then with scissors. Lol. Tbh if they look good a week on Monday, they will likely be down. I don’t want to buy anymore street weed. I’d rather save the £200. Surly it’s 2.6 x2.6 to get sq foot? Or am I missing the obvious.

@fever I’m growing Afghan, as it’s high indica content, but over the last 6 months plus I’ve been buying whatever I can get, and I’ve found cheese give the best results.

Will have to see how my afghans compare. I also have some Northen lights x shiva and some Green crack growing, which I bought as I just liked the name. The GC is a strong grower, I’ve been amazed at its progress. The NLxS isn’t growing well tbh. But it took ages to germinates, then a long time to break the surface of the soil, and it’s just growing slow. I can see the GC going into flower before the NL with is 6 weeks younger. Time will tell I suppose.