First Grow, would like some advice please


I’m going to use 6x 2500k (iirc) cfl bulbs, which where all rated at 26w. So it will be slightly more wattage than they have now, just much “cooler” kelvin. It’s the cheapest option atm. Bulbs are £20 for 6, and I can just swap them out with the old bulbs.

Like I said given this is my first go, an initial set up is quite expensive, as you’ll know, so I’ll use cfls for now. At the least, when i switch to led I’ll have a good reference point.

3 seeds popped yesterday and are waiting to be planted. Which I’ll do tomorrow, to keep keeping track easier. Also going to take 2 clones of each and see how they work out.

Though I now need another tent. Well will need one in about two weeks. I’m going to take then out the “nursery” box earlier this time, and see what effects that that’s.

All this green figured stuff, has pissed me into fixing my back lawn! Wife is impressed.


@MAXHeadRoom Your right about the heat. My tent has been hitting 38 in the day. I now own 5 12" fans so I can drag some cool air into my loft space.

Having the tent open helps, but 34-6, for about 5 hours of the flay still, hasn’t hurt them. May of slowed them down a tad, but they are still growing. Going to attempted my first cloning session later when it cools. I’m going to use cubes, just so it’s easier to manage the water situation easier, given the heat.


@TheDuke you are progressing much faster than I am on your next grow. What seeds did you buy now or are they left over from last grow. I’m not even ready to flower just yet. What kind of yield are you expecting with the CFLs

Good luck my friend in all that your doing


I bought 5 Afghan seed from here, so it’s the remaining 3. One had peeked up through the soil today.

I’m not going into flower for another week. But with regards to yeild, I truthfully have no expectations, I’ll just see what happens.

Only last week I was talking on our crappy weather. Been over 33 since Friday. Meant to be 35 today! But back to 18 and rain tomorrow. Usually I love the sun, but I just want it to pee off before it cooks my plants.

I couldn’t get any grow cubes for the clone last night, so I have to catch the garden centre later today. And hopefully clone tonight.

I have been looking at installing a fresh air intake from outside. Tap into the shower exhaust vent. I’m sure I could turn it into a temp intake. Trouble is my attic is hitting high 30s, will be low 40s today, and I ain’t crawling round in that.

When it cools next I may get it set up so next time I’m more prepared.


You may want to add a CO2 supplement when temps get that high. There are many DIY videos on youtube for that. Very easy to make.

I have yet to finish my grow room. I am going to have the opposite problem with temps at 61(16) in basement, but probably will be easier to control than an attic


@MAXHeadRoom cheers I’ll look onto co2 thanks.

My cloning and switching to flower, is now postponed for another week. I have been 3 garden centres locally today, non have the rockwool cubes. So I’ve ordered some of ebay. And will be here about Tuesday. Which is fine as I’m away from Friday till Monday.

I wanted to do the switch on Monday, but looks like I take some clones on Tuesday Wednesday, then give the plants some time to heal, then go into flower on Monday.

I may on the run up to flower, swap out a few bulbs on the Saturday, the one more in the Sunday, so they are use to the shangri-la in light by the 12/12 switch comes.

2 of my seeds picked their head out the soil today. One in the night, and one at some point today. So far 4 of the 5 seeds I got form hear have worked. One more to go.

16 degrees is going to be cold, you’ll need to insulate the room really well, so you can keep any heat in. Add a heat mat and or some cfl bulbs around the edges of the grow space.

If you cave central heating, maybe route a small radiator into the space. Should be easy.


You could flip to flower n try cloning in like a month and monster crop em. That’s my next experiment once my gold leaf seedlings are there. Heard it’s supposed to be awesome so why not try it right xD?


I have some spare rockwool cubes in my closet. Do u want me to send them to you. LOL

Blast them with as much light as possible. I’m afraid you may have inadequate lighting for flowering which will effect yields.

Hopefully when I have all the lights going in my grow room (900watts) that it should be enough heat. Wont know till they are all going. I may have to buy a simple space heater, that should be able to heat up the space (9’ x 6’)

Congrads on the new girls


@Tonyb I’d have to read up on that. But being my first grow I’m trying to keep it basic, so I have a baseline to work from.

@MAXHeadRoom thanks for the offer, but I he ebay ones will be well here first.
Re guarding lights, it’s modular so more can be added easily. I may go for a 10 light setup instead of 6. Just for you :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy, I feel better already :grinning:

#111 if u wanna read up on it


mine were great… Sorry to hear you had 1 bad plant…


@MAXHeadRoom sorry its been so long, been super busy.

here is my day 51 from sprout. about 10 mins before, i switched them to 12/12

as you can see on the last picture, id gone from fighting heat, to cold. though the girls still shot up once the heat dropped below 35. but it got to the point when 18 was the hottest i could manage.

i think im now 5 days into Flower, and im back to fighting heat, tho keeing them at 31 (ish) , and boy are they growing. so much so in 2 days they must of grew 3" one branch was touching the bulb and burnt itself .
ive had to get a net to keep them low, spread them wide as they “shoot up” . oh my they smell fine. they are drinking heavy , now the heat is back. 3litres every 2 days. when it was cold, it was 3 litres in 6 days. i was getting worried that if they sat there wet for so long rot mat set in. if / when the cold returns, i may only part water them , but more often rather than a full drink less often. hope that makes sense

i have took any pics yet, was going to but after i put the net on they look rather crappy. ill take some next week.

in other news my other two (of 3rip) are doing well, i have no idea on there age, i think 17 days old.

i got some other seeds from anther site (i wont name) and out of the 5 , two never popped, and 2 out the remaining 3 dont look like they are going to breach the surface of the soil! lesson learnt, buy cheap buy twice!!!

if the one survives, im gonna have to learn to clone. it is a Northen Light X Shiva. so time will tell. but i wont be shopping there again. my half price seeds, actually turned in to one expensive plant (hopefully)

so now you have read all my drivel , how are your two lots doing @MAXHeadRoom


@TheDuke Things are going GREAT!!! I’m very busy too. Currently building the Quantum board light I spoke of earlier So I can go into flower. Grow room is done, almost, still need to fill in all the light holes so I can get complete darkness. Should be done with light today. Looks like it will turn out to be 500w out the wall. Will post pics when available. Also I built another aeroponics unit for the 4 dirt grow plants so I will need to transfer those plants to net cups. That should be fun.

Plants are doing very well, growing like crazy. We should be 2 months into our grow on Sunday according to my calculations. Where does the time go?

2 more months and we should be harvesting.

Sorry to hear about your seeds.

Will tag you when I post new pics


I spoke to early about the seeds, I woke this morning to a second plant about 1/2" tall, and I think the 3rd is breaking the surface too. Will know by tomorrow.

I had written them off, and was going to bin them this morning. Strange it’s taken them so long to spring into life.

Happy days on the grow room. I have a second tent incoming, should be here Monday. I’ve gone through oppersite to you. I boarded the floor in my attic, then plonking tents in, so I can take my time (cough stretch money) in refebing the attic. The house is old, so the roofing methods are ancient. Well 124 years old to be exact. Could do with a new roof probably, but I don’t have a spare £20k kicking about.


Great that is good news. I think you just forgot how to be patient. You will need plenty of that when you get ready to harvest


Lol, they took 8 days to break ground! But I’ve now learnt, not to be to rash.

Given I’ve never harvested, in about 8 weeks time, I’ll be updating pics daily. “are we there yet, are we there yet…”

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but I really looking forward to sampling different strains, think I’m going invest in new seeds every other month, keeping one mother alive as I go. I’m sure that’s what most of us do here?


get a jeweler loop so you can see the trichromes. That is the best way to know when to harvest. The days is just a general guideline. When the trichromes go from clear to milky and the pistils turn red or brown then you are close.

Just finished my light. It came out to 495 watts so more than the spec sheet which had me at 472.4. So I need to hang it and move everything down stairs. Hope to get everything done today


@MAXHeadRoom hello long time no text, ive been a busy boy and either not had chance or just forgot to take pics.

today is 14 days into flower, and i have little white flowers popping up all over the place. my seeds i got from else where dont have the strong genetics that ILGM sells, i think the savings are not worth it.

here are some pics from today before i fed them. i think they are looking good.

and as a bonus here are two pics from day two (ish) of flower when they decided to touch the bulb and cook themselves . they have fully recovered and even grown flowers on the burnt part.

@MAXHeadRoom i seen your light post, and im defo going to build at least one two panel set ups for my 3x3 tents . though it will be in at least 6 weeks as i have an expensive wedding the family has to attend. if i could dodge it id be able to make a handful of your lights!!!

i see you moved your soil plants to hydro. what was your thinking behind that? hope they have settled in now.


Plants are looking great and a SCROG too. You go boy! How many bud sites do you have?

The new light is making my first aero grow go crazy. massive plant growth and massive root growth. One good thing about aero is you get to look at your roots too. I have delayed flowering for the following reasons 1.My grow room is not light proof yet, meaning there are still holes where light could come in. 2. After moving my dirt grow to aero they needed to recover. It was worse then I had expected, it took a whole week, but all have recovered now. I moved them because it was that or transplant them into a bigger dirt pot and I just got sick of messing with dirt, the growth just isn’t there compared to aero

I am working on plugging up the holes today so hopefully I can start flower this week.