First Grow, would like some advice please


Your PH is great. Are you sure about the PPM readings. That is way to high. Should be around 600 at this point and increase to 800-1000 when flowering. Is this a special mixture you got from the lady around the corner. seems way to high. @bob31 what do u think?

As for the clone clippings you should take those as near to flowering as you can. The older the plant is the higher success rate for clones.

So since we are on the same schedule I was thinking about flipping at the end of the month. Then there is a two week transition stage and then start counting flowering days. So harvest would be around the second week in August

Did you top yet? If not do that now


1850 is a little high. If it’s fresh soil it could be that high.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here? @TheDuke

What kind of soil? @TheDuke

Are you planning on giving nutrients and if so which?

Next watering go in with 6.9 and see if the runoff isn’t spot on at 6.5

6.3 is ok, but it’s a little borderline. 6.5 would get you the gold star! LOL


@MAXHeadRoom sound like are on the same page. Two weeks is the end of the month, give or take. But it would make counting a little easier. Lol.

Yes both toped, both sprouted new nodes, one of them 3. Pics above.

@bob31 hello there, new face for me. Thanks for your input. My soil situation is a little vague. In the uk we don’t seem to print the ingredients on the sodding bags. Right at the top of this thread is the seedling verdant of the soil I used, you’ll see it’s numbered"1", for seedling. It worked very well so yesterday as i went from a small 6" pot to the 27liter pot (fabric bag), I opted to stay with the brand I used, but the number “3” version.

When I reported /planted I mixed the number 3 soil with perlite then gave the plant a half feed of big bloom and grow big ph:d Down to 6.7.

I gave then 2.5litres each, (about 1/3 a us gallon), two days later, I gave them another 2.5 litres each. well just under as I got run off, of which I tested.

The number 1 soil and number 3 soil share identical bags, with identical information, or lack of. It’s more marketing blerb. But I t has a 1 in the corner, the other a 3. (there is also a 2 but I skipped that bag). if you want to see it I took a picture of the marketing blerb, its above near the top I think.

So hope that helps. Hopefully the soil is just rich as it’s new, and the plant will eat it up. If it’s still a worry I can always put in the bath and flush it all out. But would rather not.


@MAXHeadRoom it’s not a special mix, it’s a brand of soil. The old lady was just an employee (I think) of the garden centre. It’s a big one too. But privately owned not a chain.



Welcome to ilgm. I think this is the first time we crossed paths but I’ve seen some of your posts.

ok on the UK soils I’ve talked to some other guys that told me the same thing.

I’d like to ask a few more questions though.

What was your water pH before nutrients? My water here is generally 7.2 and when I add the ff nutrients it lowers the pH to around 5. I have to raise it back up.

So is it soil or is it is some sort of man-made soil less mix? The reason I ask is because those soil less medium require a lower pH of 5.8

I would recommend getting a drinking glass and add about halfway with pH 6.5 water. Then add a tablespoon of your soil and stir it up good. Wait a few minutes and check the pH again and let’s see what it does!


@bob31 I have honk its a soil, loam based the says. Though as this is the first of anything I’ve ever grew. You should see my lawn! It needs serious attention this summer wife’s orders.

Back in point, real answer i do any know. I’ll still have the “1” bag so I’ll look it over and Google it, to see. And I’ll run a soil test. Though u have no clean “3” soil left I just up the whole bag. So now it’s mixed with perlite and feed. So I can’t.


I may swing bast the gardens enter and borrow a bit.

Regarding my water out the tap it’s always around 7.2 (never tested ppm, maybe a should) big bloom and grow big us a does of seaweed extract. The PH was about the same. Maybe the seaweed countered it. So i used PH down.

It’s been watered twice with 6.7, and the run off 6.3. So next tune I’ll water 6.9 and see if it brings the PH to 6.5.


sounds good. If your plants start looking sick then I would ph that bag of soil and see what happens. They can get really weird if they don’t get the right pH
@TheDuke Happy Growing!


Im beginning to understand why your PPM is so high. New soil plus big bloom, plus grow big, plus seaweed extract, plus not sure of PPM of water.

So I will try to help you understand what PPM is. Its Parts per million or TDS total dissolved solids. basically how much stuff you have in your water. So test your water without anything in it. This will give you a baseline to work from. Also if using tap water let it set out for 24hrs to let the chlorine evaporate. In the US they add chlorine to city water to kill bacteria. Anyway you can subtract the PPM of your water because there are no nutes in it.

So at next watering do not feed and water till runoff and check PPM and see where we are at


@MAXHeadRoom Sounds like you’ve got this! Tag me back if you need backup, lol!


Thanks Bob. What PPM should he be running. I have mine at 600 and we started on the same day. But Im giving my dirt grow the same PPM as my aeroponics grow. Dont know if that is right but plants are doing great.


Here is the FF Chart for soil. The PPM is in the 4th row.

So his sprouted about May 6th. That makes them like 5 weeks and about 3rd week in veg. So start at like week 3 and then follow week 4 the light flip then week 5 to 12 and follow week 12 to harvest.

The issue is that PPM is higher than what the FF recommends 1750-1890 for week 3. Without knowing his tap ppm I would recommend holding off feeding.


I was giving you the PPM of my aero grow @TheDuke So disregard that last advise. @bob31 got a chart and its says for dirt grows at 2 weeks veg need 1540-1600 PPM. So run with that number and it goes up every week.
Looks like your good for now maybe a little high. Just watch them. they will tell you what they need.


You just described San Francisco to the T.


Cheers @MAXHeadRoom and @bob31.

I’ll check my waters basic ppm later today(05:25 atm).


@bob31, the video I was following for my seed schedule doesn’t feed then now for about 3 weeks, just water one cycle followed by water seaweed. So u want planning on any feed for a good while.

As always I’ll keep an eye, and panic the net time I see them.


@MAXHeadRoom the ppm of my water is 240ppm, out of the tap.

So if we subtract that form the 1850, it falls about in line. That is if that is how it works. Lol.


Looking good. Should have a nice lil harvest from those two


They have been under the bigger lights now for about a week, I’ve totally lost track of the days. I just know it was a Monday u panted them! they seem to love the light and the new soil.

I do have one concern, they are extremely dense, there is a lot of undergrowth especially on plant one. They could probably do with lollypoping, but being my first I won’t be doing that.

Ive managed to sort my temps out, by opening up the large rear bottom vent, and having a desk fan force air in, then the small (usb) fan on the inside to move it around. I’m amazed the exhaust is keeping up. I’m getting zero smell leakage.

As the temps drop at night, I have the two fans attached to the timer that the lights are on. Otherwise the heat drop would be close to 20 degrees. Which I don’t think would be good. It’s now about 8 degrees different between day and night.

If I remember I’ll post some pics of my set up, but be warned, my attic isn’t pretty. It’s work in progress.


well i think we are one day 35 @MAXHeadRoom correct me if im wrong .

plants are growing well just gave them a full drink of plain PH6.7, the weather has made them quite thirsty .

also i topped them again, i dont know if your meant to do it more than once, but both plants, where topped last time, had grown two new nodes that had split and had some central growth that looked like it was ‘calling me’ to top it again.

just i thought i was on top of my temps, the UK weather decides to hit 30! so its been a pain, we are not set up for this, we dont have aircon etc.

here is some pics, plus two of my set up. dont judge the surrounding area, its work in progress. as is my power delivery method.

hope you like them. they are growing fast. going to clone middle of next week i think, and switch to flower, a week tomorrow (Monday).

tried buying some strawberry Cush off the site yesterday, and my bank blocked the payment! annoying as last time it just worked, this time i need to call the bank and authorise it. calling uk banks is a PITA.


They are looking GREAT!!! How much lighting do you have for flowering. You know that has a tremendous effect on yield. I would hate for you to come this far and not get a good yield because of lighting.

As for next grow, I think I am going with Autos. Give that a try. Also Clone a couple too