First Grow, would like some advice please


@MAXHeadRoom I seen your plants on the other thread, they are looking good. I had to go away for work and just got back. So I didn’t get chance to top them or he home them in the tent. I’ll get onto the tent tomorrow and get some photos take.

They have got big in my absence! They have outgrown their nursery box, that’s for sure.


@TheDuke Did you miss your girls while you where away. I haven’t left mine yet. I did some fimming and started LST, they are doing fabulous, but starting to stink up the house :slight_smile: They smell a little skunky


I did, I was calling the wife each day for a full report, and to give direction. She says I never cared for the kids as much as the plants.

Yes they are getting smelly, another reason for needing to go in the tent. I quite like the smell, but it’s only going to get stronger.

I’ll have a few pics of them later today.

@MAXHeadRoom I did try to send the above last night but we had bad weather and the Internet kept failing!


@MAXHeadRoom today the plants moved from their box to the tent, gave them a big water and gonna keep the lights on 24/7 for a few days, as i want to closly monitor the temps, so i can decide what time of the day will be best for the 16/8 cycle.

in a day or three im going to re-pot into their final home. i also topped them after i took the pictures.

the pair together

plant 1 (left one)

Plant 2 (the right one). thw one that has 3 blotchy leafs. also trimmed off today

to me these look healthy and a decent size, but i have nothing to compare them to. until today they have been under a single 35w 6500k CFL about 2" above them, today in the tent they are now under 5 CFL bulbs, a bit futher away. depending on temps ill either higher or lower. probably lower.

question time, im going to re pot soon, should i flush the plants before the transplant? or will it not matter given they will be going into such big pots (5g)? they will of been in soil 2 weeks by then. also they are going into a different soil. currently in seedling soil, which seems to be of a good quality, so i went for the same brand ,but for more mature plants.


That strain has some huge fan leaves. Way bigger than mine. Good Job @TheDuke
They look very healthy.


You can definitely lower the lights, and good job grabbing some more because your plants will thank you!



@TheDuke Since topping your plant puts stress on it, you may want to wait a few days and let it recover before transplanting, Also when transplanting you want your dirt to be very dry. This will hold the dirt together when moving to new pot. Do you have more lights? If you do start using them. This will prevent your plants from getting to stretchy. Are you going to do any plant training? LST SCROG?


@MAXHeadRoom this time round no I’m not going to train. I’m actually going to put them into flower in about two weeks, that way we will only Need to buy another Oz or 2 before we get a crop. Tomorrow I’m about to germinate 3 more seeds, my second grow I should be able to be more creative.

Regarding potting, last time I let it dry out to much, so the turned to dust, so I learnt a lesson there lol.

I checked on the plants this morning, and I cant have the light cycle on at night, as last night with the lights on, the teams topped out at 20.9 degrees, today they have got to a little warm at 29.5, so I need a bigger fan to cool it.

Or maybe I’ll kill the fan I have on atm tonight and see what the temp reach. I doubt it will bake much diffence tbh. I’ll stick a desk fan in there tomorrow day, and hopefully not go above 28.5.

Though the summer is almost here. Then the night temps with no fan should work. What a balancing act.

I did notice they have almost drawn the full water I gave them yesterday. The same about outside the tent took 3 days to drink.

So much to think about. Also as the winter Comes, (our summer lasts about 2 weeks) I’ll have to start thinking about building an insulated frame around the tent(s).

I want 4 or 5 tents in total, so I can crop once each month. That’s the plan anyway. Though if I get scrogging down I won’t need to crop so often, so 3 tents may be fine. Time will tell.

Also before I put the current two into flower, I want a couple of clones of each.

So much to think about.


@MAXHeadRoom one more thing I failed to mention yesterday. On one of the plants I noticed that even before I topped it, it had two new nodes sporting already, so I probably shouldn’t of bothered! It may get weird now.


You where just kidding about your summers being only 2 weeks, Right?, but it was funny. Do you air condition your house or flat?


Officially it’s about 4 months, but we get about 2 weeks of over 24 degrees in the uk. If we are lucky we will get half a week of 28. If it hits 30 the county just stops, and old people die. (no really a joke either).

The uk is geared up for cool wet weather, if it gets hot, or god forbid friggin snows, the country goes mad, trains stop as do planes. We don’t get snow, maybe every 4 years we get a week of weak snow in February. No work, no schools open.

It’s about 20 degrees from mid May to end of Sept, the good two weeks falls about the end of June. That’s it. We have no need for air con, homes don’t have it here, no real need. We do have central heating though lol.

Out of intrest its 17 degrees and raining today. It’s been raining all week!


I went to check on my plants this morning and that beautiful big erect fan leaf pattern you @MAXHeadRoom gracefully commented on, was all droopy and floppy. Threheats got to hot yesterday (33 degrees) and the ran to dry. Hopefully they will be ok now.

I just reported and drowned them, hopefully by tomorrow they will be perky again.

On the topping front, plant 2 that had gone droopy, had two nice node sprouting as it should, so thats good. But plant one, (the left of the two), has two nodes sprouting as it should AND next to where I topped it above the two new nodes, it’s grown a new fresh stem and got leaves.

When I check up tomorrow I’ll take up my dslr camera and get some close ups.

Hope number 2 has perked up. I also fed the plants for the first time, big bloom and grow big (iirc) but just half measure. As didn’t want to overwhelme them. Also mixed in perlite 5:1 into my fresh soil. Lots of water and lots of light.

I need to up the air low on the day, so instead of upping the fan size, I opened up the rear vent. But at night it runs to cool, 16 degrees last night. So I’m going to but the fan on the timer circuit with the lights. So just the exhaust is running.

I didn’t realise how strong they spelt, as they was in my office, but now they are in a tent and have an charcoal filter. When I open the tent, the smell just hits you. The filter works great. Zero spells exit the tent. Though now I’ve opened the vent up more, I hope it can exhaust faster than the vent intakes otherwise I’ll get leakage out the intake.

It seems when your starting out, every day a new challenge to think of.

Ive just realised I’m using this as my grow journal. Is there a place (sub forum) they should be.


I think you can move the whole thread yourself to a Journal. Use the edit at the title of this thread to move where you want.


I am dealing with the same problem with the temperature. Temps are going to be in the 90 to high 80s for the next few days. But had the AC man over Thursday so I will turn that on today and keep house temp at 75.

The plants can take the heat just remember that you may need to water them more in higher temps.

So it sounds like you topped one and fimmed the other. Is that what you where trying to do ?
Each of my plants seem to have there own personalities. One of mine starts dropping at 9:00pm like its ready to go to sleep. Then the next morning its fine.

What kind of lights do you have for bloom? I guess I haven’t ask this before.


No I just topped the pair of them in the same way. On the pics you’ll be able to see the ‘scar’.

Regarding grow bloom lights, I’m going to stick with Cfl but I read dropping to 3400 kelvin from the 6500 will get better results.

I think it was 3400, I read it a while ago. I will start looking into that next week.

As u said above we don’t have ac, in the uk, so fans and vent juggling. Is the order of the day to. It’s still raining BTW, but 16 degrees today. Summer hey!


Reaching above 30C here in Michigan today

Your photos didn’t upload

How many watts do you have.


I haven’t took the pics yet. I’m gonna take them tomorrow when I next check on them.

Don’t rub it in. Though for me 30 is a little not, I like about 27. I was in Madrid in August and it was in the low 40s, I almost melted. The south coast where we was staying (5 hours drive away) was a more reasonable 34 most days. We drove up to Madrid, as my lad wanted to go to visit the Real Madrid stadium.

In 1996 I was in Egypt, and there was a heat wave, in the valley of the Kings, (a valley) with now breeze it was 55, but I it was stupid. Tarmac was like treacle.

I’ll upload pics tomorrow.

How are your plants coming along? Are you seeing much difference between soil and hydro?

Regarding watts, 35w x 5. I can up it to 6. It should be plenty for the 3x3 tent. Im going to stick with Cfl, and when I get an led panel ill have something to comparison with.


the plants are all stood up proud again so looks like they will be fine. though my temps seem to be everywhere. but they will have to deal with that.

here are the pics of the topped plant that grew a new stem and nodes. under that are shot of the pair looking happy.

i found my dslr, the battery was dead, so my phone would have to do. also thinking about it, the dslr file size most likely would of been an issue here. ill take a few next time and see.


Topping looks great @TheDuke , keep up the good work :+1:


@Nug-bug @MAXHeadRoom

Quick update, on replant day I didn’t give them a full water as I should, so I gave then a good soaking and measured the run off for the first time.

The PH going into the pot was 6.7 and coming out it was 6.3, I think that sound good, please let me know otherwise.

I whipped the old (new) ppm meter out and the run of is 1850ppm, I don’t know if this is good, bad or indifferent.

However, as it’s new soil that was also fed two days ago. so at least i have a base figure now to work with.

We are probably a good two weeks into veg, at what stage can I flip to flower, I’m thinking in 2 weeks. As in one weeks time, they will be about 6 weeks old. (forgot the day we are at, will have to look at my charts). Is 6 weeks old a decent time to take of two clippings form each of my plants?

Then I was thinking of giving it one further week in veg, to recover, the flipping it to flower.

Does that sound like a plan? Am I over thinking all this?