First Grow, would like some advice please


My northern lights auto looked like that a lil when I forgot to replug the fan in after doing some work on my grow box


I’m not sure what the issue was. It’s been about a week since the blotches appeared, they haven’t spread, and I’ve had a ton of growth and non of the new leaves are affected.

So whatever it was seems to of passed. Tomorrow is day 21 so I’ll take some more pics when I water. They wasn’t ready for a drink today.


so its day 21, update and photo time

plant 1, no complaints or concerns (touch wood), at his point, the plant is 11" from tip to tip.

plant2. you can see the blotched leaves at the bottom, one week ago they was the top leaves, so ive had a ton of growth, the blotches haven’t moved, but one of the effected leaves looks like it may be dying . im thinking i may trim the effected leaves off, just in case it decides to spread. what do you think?

any thoughts?

at waht stage do the plants reach veg? and how would i tell. also some time this week, probably next the pants will be re potted into their final home and but in the tent. under more light. as they are still under a single CFL bulb.


I alway cut off bad leaves.


Looks like heat stress on that leaf to me personally. I would consider them in veg now also. But being in veg doesn’t really mean too much. If i remember right you have good soil so you don’t really have to start adding nutes for a bit. How big is your tent? R u going to top them? You could probably do them soon. I’d repot let em chill a lil then do it so they don’t get to stressed too quick.


Thanks guys. The tent is 3’ x 3’ x 6’ (still in its box). The soil is a week old. But they will need re potting as the current pots are 6" jobs.

Re topping, I’m not sure, I hear it spoken about, and as everyone else seems to do it, I probably will. Being my first time everything is new.

They are looking good though now. They shoot up quick.


Bushy plants are good :wink:


Good Job Duke. Heres a picture of topping and fimming. I am going to attempt fimming because you get 4 shouts instead of 2. Anyway the cut line is above the topping line so if you screw up you can always top

4 colas are better than 2, then if you fimm those you will have 16


And yes your plants are still bigger than mine. Mine are all healthy. I tagged you on my thread so you should have seen mine. I would cut that dead leaf off, its bad for pic day.

You can veg as long as you want, I’m going to veg until my SCROG is filled up then switch them all at the same time. Average veg time is 30 to 60 days.I believe

Good luck on your grow. You are winning for now.


I’ve been liking your pics and post, I’d would of commented but give I know F-all at this point I’d just be cluttering up your thread. So I just liked the update post.

Never heard of fimm’ing so there’s another I need to look up!

I reckon my size has nothing to do with my skill, all look, probably to do with better stonger seeds or maybe my local old lady at the store, sells shit hot soil.

Good look on your fimm’ing.

I’m going to whip the leaf off when I next water. I try to leave them be Inbetween waters. Don’t know why, but it’s working so far, so I’m not changing routine lol.


Also, @MAXHeadRoom what feed are you going to use on your soil plants? I’m sort of getting to that stage, and I’m at a loss.

If honest it’s all going so well Im scared to change what I’m doing!


I hear ya brother. But I like to do experimental things and see what happens. Some are good and others not so good. In the good zone right now, but we must move forward. For fear is what holds back progress.

I’m assuming you have a ph meter and a TDS/PPM meter. So to start you need to find out how hot your soil is now before you add anything. So at your next watering, water till the water runs out the bottom of your pot and collect it and measure the TDS/PPM and PH of your soil. In aeroponics you need to feed the plants because there is no soil for them to draw nutes from. I had mine running at 360 than I added cal/mag and was running a 500 which was to hot So I change water and backed it down to 400 and things got better. So in your case after you measure your runoff add nutes till runoff is around 400. My dirt grows are running at 300 with no nutes added and are doing well so I just ph the water for now, but I might add a little cal/mag my next watering. I am watering every 4th day.

I buy liquid nutes for my aero system so I will just use those for the dirt grow too. Many people are using the fox farm trio what ever that is. Not sure what is available in the UK Do you have Walmarts in every town?

Let me know what you decide. @TheDuke


Im watering we’ve 3 or 4th day too. I’ve been ph the water in to around 6.5, I I that a ppm meter, not turned it on yet.

By the time the next water comes, Ill be moving my plants into a 5 gallon fabric pot. Going to get some richer (if that’s the right term) soil.

I’ll repot them, and sample the run off from a test pot with a little soil in, to get the Base reading of the veg soil I choose. Then I suppose I ll just keep a record of ppm from then on.

I have a cart I’ve been keeping every day, heat, humidity, wether I watered or not etc. And have some notes with it. So I’ll add a ppm coloum to it.

We do have a type of wall mart, ASDA, it’s owned by wall mart actually, but they are nowhere near the size of yours. Yours are amazing places. Ours doent sell shotguns of car parts. (the one in florida did). All our supermarkets have a small “green section” but it’s not the place to buy decent stuff, and it will come at a premium. Amazon is my best bet. I’ll have a look around.

Ive been watching a YouTube grow, and I’m sure he used big bloom or somthing, but he was really late at starting. He uses fox farm soil (we don’t get that), and alternated just water, and a water seaweed extract mix. From quite early, then only a Coupe of feeds through the whole grow.

Then I read thimgs like the grow bible, and that says anther, them someone else give you a 3rd option. So it gets confusing.

Cheers for your input. Gonna read up and watch up on fimm and topping tomorrow. 1am now.


On clones … a clone is not a copy of the mother plant and really not a clone in the sense people are thinking. A clone is a piece of the mother plant, 100% identical to the mother in every way, including age. This means that a clone of a 30 day old plant may have to go 30-60 more days to show pre flower signs while a clone of a plant that is ready to flower will actually be ready to flower as well (as soon as there are roots).

A clone of a clone is older, as old as the original plant would have been and may want to produce the “end branches” for buds faster with less weight in the stems. I am currently starting several second gen clones now with 6 first gen clones in the Scrog tent vegging.


Thanks for that input. It is really interesting. By the time your 6, 7, or 8 clones in, would that make the yield not worth the effort?

All way beyond me, bit Interesting non the less.

By 30 day old plant, do you mean 30 days from seed, or 30 days into veg?

Thanks @Stomper


30 days from seed. That’s the earliest I think you can clone if I remember right. I have heard of folks going several gens into clones with great results. Just may have to do some supercropping to get the stems to thicken and they start real bushy early so you have to do early pruning or they are slow to get to Scrog height with so much wasted energy going to shoots that will get cut off any way. But all the same never really heard about any final level they won’t grow again from.


Thanks. Yet another avenue to research.

Now I really need to go to sleep. 03:30. Dam you House of Cards!


in picture 100_2579.jpg, how did you get the plant to split? I have tried to top to get 2 tops but it didn’t turn out like that.
I have only ever been able to get one Cola. I’m assuming you topped this plant way early from the pics?
Ignorant beginner here so forgive the stupid question (Only stupid question is the one you DON’T ask, right? :slight_smile:


Yeah. It’s easy. You wait until the plant is about seven inches high and has a few branches. Then you just pinch the top bud with your thumb and forefinger, gently pull and it should pop off. You will see two little growths that will turn into branches. You wait until they get bigger then do it again. 1 becomes two becomes four etc. As the plant becomes older and topping clones is a bit different, same principal.



This was a clone I topped.


Other people cut them.