First Grow, would like some advice please


I meant only good when I made that comment.

What is a Maccies? Is that like an American Denny’s


I didn’t think ake it any other way. :slight_smile:️ but I’m sure you have noticed my typing can be… Say… Irratic.

McDonalds @MAXHeadRoom. I thought that was universal shorthand.

I do love a big mac, but their signature classic burger is fantastic.

Back to MJ I’m amazed how strong this oil turned out, just gave the wife half the amount as last night and she is happy now. I had a bit more just to try again :wink:, and it’s sure good.

It got me thinking about how when buying street stuff you link a strong mell with strength. This bud i just used took the best part or a month to get anytime of mj type and smell back in it. So I thought it would be poor. Still not smoked any yet, Amazon let me down with some smoking equipment, so my tester bud will have to wait.

My dry weight of the final half of the harvest was exactly 1oz, a bit lower than I estimated, but at 2.5oz for my grow I’m happy. Especially as the second Ounce should be of top quality.

I also have two other plants that are ready to be flipped to 12/12, but I’ve only just gotten room for them, and tbh they have grown wild. One of the two plants I managed to partially snap off one of the main branches at a ‘Y’ section, so I, coated the spit with routing gel (I panicked continue judge), tapped it up and zip tied it together further up the ‘y’.

Well that injury made the grow fast, like turning a switch, it’s a good 6 inches higher, maybe more. Both are massive tbh and tomorrow I’m going to have to try and coax it into a scrog somehow, as I don’t have the room In my tent for them to double in size and roam free. I’ll grab some pics tomorrow if I think on. Trouble is I always forget my phone when I go to tend to them!

In more news, (this is getting long), I took a load of cloans off the plant that is now in flower, and just jammed then in rock wool cubes, made sure I had a good inch of water in the bottom of the tray and misted every day for about 3 weeks. They all took, and by the time I potted them some of the roots was over 12" long. All have been potted about a week and are fine. But haven’t got the room so at some point I’m going to have to cull a load. I’m currently have 2 in flower, 2 about to go into flower, and another load in veg 9 of which where clones.

One doesn’t have the the room!! I have a mate that asked for a plant, so I may turn up with 5 for him. Chuck him in the deep end.


Wow! will the 2.5oz last till next harvest? My final yield was 13oz dry so I win :smiley: JK

As you know I cloned 12 from Louise the monster. I have 4 in aeroponics and 2 more in another areo and 2 in the fogger system. I tried to graft 4 to the old root system but that experiment failed.

So here we go again. Good luck


13oz, what you doing supplying the neighbourhood lol?

I think my second grow is going to be much better than my first, alot more watts, and I have some great tall bud formations rising out my scrog. :+1:

This grow has also been well groomed, she is naked under the scrog line. Like looking up a Brazilians skirt. :hushed:


You will defo beat the last grow


(BTW what is their signature classic?) I thought the Big Mac was their signature classic?

I think their most common nickname is Mickey D’s at least here in the northeast. I thought you were talking about Macy’s as well as you have made that reference several times and now it all comes together!

Who doesn’t like a good Big Mac? Trouble is they suck these days. The quit making good ones about 20 years ago. The Double Cheesburger is the way to go, IMO!

Wendy’s is my go to. I grew up near where Wendy’s was founded and their Chili tastes like what we made growing up!


If you asked any persons they would say the big mac is the “classic” maccies burgur, but about a year ago they brought a new one “signiture” range. Basically a gourmet style burger, where the beef tastes like beef.

And the biggest thing, it looks like the picture on the ad!!!

As we can’t link out! Google “classic signature burger” you’ll find it. It’s real nice.


We don’t have Wendy’s, mainly maccies, BK, KFC


You and your wife OK? Haven’t heard from you lately.

How is the second grow going?


@MAXHeadRoom thanks for asking. The wife is doing OK atm, she finished her latest chemo course a couple of weeks back and like always she perks up when not on that crap. Also the docs have asked her if she has been doing somthing different as her latest scans don’t correlate with all the years worth of scans they been tracking. She had been fighting for about 5 years. Had her kidney our 4, (they took to long about it), and it spread, to her bowl and beyond. Long story short, over the last 6 months, growing has stopped, and she seems stable. So relatively good news.

Apart from that is flu season here, and well being a man I suffer the worst. Women are so lucky lol.

Hope you and the family are well also.

Ive not been on as I’d usually use a windows PC, but some how the latest Windows build had broken my vpn, so I can’t get on in private. Still works on android, but I can’t upload pics privately with out a major faff. So it’s killed the forum aspect for me.

The second grow is drying as I type. I didn’t weigh the dry weight but it looks well. The oil from the first grow lasted too.

I have been lurking and your grows under your lights look excellent.


Well thats good news about your wife. My cancer seems to be residing also with the MJ treatment. Nothing official yet like a CT scan, but when you have cancer for so long, you can just feel when your getting better. The oil was such a mess that I just ground up an OZ of weed and put it in a brownie mix. That seems to work with little or no mess and I get to lick all the spoons and bowl afterwards and get really stoned. I eat a half a brownie a day and that seems to work.

Of course you may have read that my ex-wife was sick and almost dyed again from alcoholism. This is the second time in 2 years that she put the family through this. The doctors have told her if she drinks again she will die. We will see. Keep praying. I will pray for your wife also.
So I am taking care of 2 households. My son who is 16 at his house 24miles away and my house with the plants and my therapy cat. :smiley_cat:

This grow is even better than last grow which yielded 13OZ dry. They are all clones from the monster plant I called Louise. 6 plants in aeroponics systems and 2 in fogponics. The fogger is just an experimental system. I put them into flower 2 weeks ago and there are flowers everywhere. This grow should yield 1 to 1 and a half pound. Then I’m taking a break till I can get some different strains.

Sorry this is so long but we just don’t talk anymore like we use to.


Sorry about your ex wife, it was the drink that done my father in. Cost him his marriage, his home, and eventually his life at 42. He was T-total till 29, and made sure he made up for it!

I hope she learns from this, and stays the course. For herself and your boy.

I have therapy dogs. Two totally pointless little things, that was got for my girls, but I quite like them lol

My grow has 2nd has worked well, but now winter is her, my temps are poor, at around 23°, so even though my grow is larger than the first it’s got to smaller than it should. It’s gonna be broadly 5oz maybe? Of two small pants.

I have a 3rd 2 plant grow that’s probably 4 weeks away, as I was out of space, I had to wait and wait before flower, so they are massive, and the bud structures are huge. I just have to manage air flow with them. Reduce alot of foliage etc.

Also a friend has also started, and he has room in his house, (unlike my loft), as he has no kids at home, so it will be interesting to see how his work out, in a more environmentally controlled environment.

He may end up on here, though he isn’t the ‘computer type’, so I’ll probably end up asking questions on his behalf.

Hope all goes well, il keep your ex in my thoughts, and thanks for your well wishes.


I just found this @TheDuke Its over a month old. You never tagged me.

Anyway I will get you up to date in my life. The ex-wife made it through but has to drain 2 liters of liquid out of her stomach every day. She will have to get a liver transplant to live. I hope she can keep off the alcohol or she will die.

I just went to the cancer doctor today and we are scheduling a CT scan to see if the weed treatment is working. I will let you know the results when available. For the most part I am feeling good.

My 2nd grow is getting ready to finish, so I hope you have been following. I entered the Bud of the Month contest this month so you can vote for me, but only if you think it is the best. Voting starts on Dec. 21 or 22, Whenever Lakewood opens it.

Besides that I hope everything is going good for you and I send my best wishes to you and your family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year