First Grow, would like some advice please


This is the best reading of I have ever seen. :heart_eyes:getting-stoned

@Stratos read post #238


Even though my buds have gotten some life back in them, they have still lost a, little weight. Down from 1.41oz to 1.39oz.

And sticky again!


That would be the result of even drying moisture from inside the buds working it’s way to outside at the start of cure you still have around another 10-15% weight in moisture to lose if bud is dried too fast that moisture can hide in pockets inside like searing a steak leading to decay


Cheers. The need for the quick dry was I spotted rot in one bud. It was a week before I was due to harvest, so I chopped the top, down to the scrog net and fast dried what didn’t have signs of mold.

It’s going to be turned to oil tomorrow. So figures crossed there is some there.



Thank You for this my friend!! Nice read. My first actualy about harvesting. Will come back to read again when the time comes :smiling_imp:


:nerd_face:Thank you its a good read and will come in handy when i get to that point ! :seedling:


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Noticed some red leafs on my plants earlier this week. Any ideas?

Photo removed.

It’s to late for me to do the manual info strip, so I just uploaded of my phone that auto strips location data out of url share links. Plus you get the full res to zoom in with.

This plans is the one that had had half a harvest already.

Oh… Has about a week left to harvest.

Red leaves? Any ideas?

it would be better to just post the pic. That link has your personal info posted on it via google pics. I would recommend removing that asap @TheDuke

Red / purple leaves can be genetics brought on by cooler weather or it could be a phosphorus deficiency.

Normally i would ask for a support ticket, but a week from harvest? I wouldn’t worry about it.


During late harvest your leaves will change colors but most of the time its yellowing of the lower leaves. I won’t worry to much, they look healthy otherwise.

Did you see my harvest? I tagged you


I seen it and gave it a like, looks like the work paid off. :+1:


Just killed the second half of the two plants, trimmed them down and mostly de stalked it and got 161g of wet weight. At a 70% shrinkage rate should return about 50g.

So in total the first grow should net just over 3 ounces, which is probably less than I set out, give that’s two plants. But given my poor lights and the whole learning curve, I’m actually happy.

I’ll upload a picture tomorrow, cba going on the laptop now as I’m watching the football.


Looking forward to the pics @TheDuke


It’s nothing special, it’s just a a single pic of a large zip lock bag in the bottom of a very dirty and messy (wires) grow tent.

I put them in the bag to weigh it. It’s now hanging in two children’s wardrobe hangers, could of done with a 3rd tbh. I’ll snap a pic of that before I upload.

I wasn’t sure how much air circulation was needed, so I spaced out 5 4" usb fans around the 80 x 80 x 160cm tent, they are not the strongest fans, they are actually crap as fans but I think great for tents, as they just use one plug (I use a USB hub charger) and they are very cheap at £2 each, and can be dotted all around to keep air moving, up to the exhaust.


just watch them closely. A slow drying process makes them nice and smooth (IMO)


Since you have made oil before I’m going to ask you @TheDuke I just got done making oil and I got 10 grams from 2 oz of trim. Does that sound right, seems a little high


I get about 5g off 1oz of bud, so 5g from trim may be high. However did you add a bit of olive oil, or similar, to thin it out? If so it sounds about right to me.

Ive found with the olive oil added it some how increases its potency, or Atleast my last batch ended up with 10g of finished product from 1oz of bud. Logic would dictate to take 2x what you would without the added olive oil. That wasn’t the case 2x the dose (even though it’s 50% olive oil), was wiping my wife out.

I sometime take it to help me sleep, and when I sampled it, boy it was strong.

If this ends up true for you given you want to take alot in a sharp time, maybe leaving the olive oil out may be best.


@MAXHeadRoom I’ve just turned my first crop, the half that I dried too quickly, 1.3 Oz of terrible bud into 11grams of finished oil, aprox 4-5 grams of added olive oil.

So your 10gram off 2 oz (if you have have no oil added) sounds about spot on.

I’m surprised my subpar bud had that much oil hiding inside.

In the making of my oil, I managed to get myself waisted, so I’m about to eat, everything. As I was Checking towards the end that all the alcohol had gone, (that’s where the waisted bit comes from) I noticed a different aftertaste to usual, maybe this is because the buds was not cured, but it is like a bad aftertaste on the back of your throat.

Luckily I saved one small bud to “try”, but now I’ll be defo trying it out, to see if I can identify that strange aftertaste taste.

I’m so hungry, I can’t even drive maccies lol, oh well almost tea time. May have a nap.


The way @TheDuke you type/talk cracks me up.

The oil I made is way to strong. The first time I tried it, I was so high that I had to lay down at 7pm. The next day I was still groggy.

My final dry weight from 5 plants was 386 grams. Thats just the buds I have curing.

Heres some pictures of the dry/curred trichomes. All my bud sparkle in the sun, just like a diamond.

Sun Sep 24 12-06-01

Sun Sep 24 12-04-56

Sun Sep 24 12-03-53

They still look good even after there dried.

I hope you got something to eat and a nap. LOL Talk later


@MAXHeadRoom Nice dude, sparkly! :+1:t3::grin:

Sleep well, both of you. :v:t3:


Them buds look nice. I’ve just received a microscope so I’ll be posting a few pics in the coming weeks, my latest grow is probably 6 weeks off harvest.

@MAXHeadRoom Regards my writing, your probably the first to ever comment positively! Even though I ended up with a degree after leaving the marines, im quite dyslexic. My lad 15 sadly got that from me, but 10x worse :worried:

He is very good at his maths, already completing his high school maths and science, which he should really of been doing next summer. So now he is in college which is far better for him, as he doesn’t have to do English and the related subjects that he fell behind in because of his dyslexia.

Stupid thing about where we live is you have to do English (obviously), but also Welsh and French. He probably reads English at the same level as my 10 year old girl now, so for years ever since Jr school I’ve asked why he couldn’t drop Welsh (and later French) and do extra English. With two years of high school left they finally decided, I was right, and he would be better the ffw through his maths and science, and offload him to college where they don’t have to abide by the government syllabus.

It means he will never get his gcse (or whatever they now call it) in English, but he would never of got it any way.

I left school with zero qualifications as, I was a little shit a “knew” I was going to be a marine! Sadly 4 years in I had an accident and damaged 4 lower disks. The marines put me through college and fast tracked me to uni. If it wasn’t for my wife who proof read and mad my writing into something legible, I’d of never passed.thou I did choose a math based corse. I read economics accounting and banking.

Re last night bud, kept me asleep untill 1am, so I ended up at maccies at 2am for tea, the wife woke at 6am and said “that’s too strong” so half dose for her tonight. On the flip side being up form 1am, I got a load of work done whole the house was quiet.

I’m gonna smoke the bud I kept back and look for that aftertaste.