First Grow, would like some advice please


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flower day 57, im seriously thinking of trimming the top 6" off (down to scrog) at the weekend. what do you guys think? i could be way off!


You still have a lot of white pistils. What do the trichromes look like

I would give it another week


Definitely will get much fat if you will let him to grow. I’m really close to harvest, I will show you some of my bud’s tonight.


I agree with @MAXHeadRoom. Still a lot of white pistils and I think you will be happier if you can give some more time. :+1:


You see the middle picture, that bud looks different form all the others. It has small green balls on it.

Tbh honest, I’m gonna have to harvest them, at the latest, middle of next week. Maybe just maybe I could squeeze it till next weekend.

But if the wife’s oil starts to run real low, that may impede the drying time. Will have to work out how much/long oil she had, and work backwards from their.

Though even if it’s a tad early, I still will have half a plant still to fatten up. Probably 1/3 of the buds.


I realize the situation you are in and I guess that is all you can do. Do the math on her oil and wait as long as you can.

Can you make oil from wet buds or do they have to be dry?


In theory wet buds should be fine, but I’m yet to find anyone that has tried it. Given its all the bud I’ll have, I won’t be experimenting with it. But when (if) I get a bit spare, I’ll defo be trying it out.


My other option is to go and buy another Oz off the street, but I’d rather invest that £200 on lights, or about a million other things. Lol.

I’m amazed how sticky the buds are. Smell very citrusy too.

I don’t even smoke this stuff, wife either, but we are going to have a smoke when this is dry. It’s rude not to.

I’ll stock up on moew moews and pizza.


Can’t see what you are talking about

They didnt Hermie did it. Do they look like seed pods or bannanas



@MAXHeadRoom seed pods maybe! Just on one bud.


If this is one of the buds that you where going to harvest you may want to pull it now just to be safe. I would hate for that one bud to pollinate your whole crop.

Can you get a close up pic for us to see.


I will do first thing. I’ll chip it and photograph


Made me schitz now, will cover the said bub with a dog bag and bread tie, before I lop it off and dissect. I hen change close.

Also i was going to dry using a large box that vents into a main tent. To utilise the tents smell filter. Now I don’t know.

May have a quick look at pollon filters now.


Picked up a new boshe pollen/graphite filter for a fiver off eBay. Won’t be here till monday but i will keep a close eye on said suspect bud/s (have to check) closely. Also now need to minimise contacts with other flower plant, witch is getting turned on from 36h sleep tomorrow, (broadly 40h sleep by the time I get round to it.

Keep the bugs well away, and change cloths now between tent openings.


Lots of questions tonight

My plan that’s had failed on the first hurdle, as they do, was to put the plants in to 48 dark before harvest.mowthat I’m gomma harvest the top 6-10", then drop the lights and continue. Will the 48h of dark followed by 10h light cycle, revert the plants into veg, greater chance of hermi?

I’m thinking of skipping the light off, for at least the first half of the harvest. Then do the dark cycle for the second and final harvest.


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"I do not agree with 48 hours of darkness before harvest. I never do that. When I have in the past; I found thge Trichome development and THC dwindling by being in the dark. Lost stickiness too.

When you harvest, do it in the morning before the plant is exposed to a long period of intense light"

So I will not do it this time because I’m planning to do 2 harvests as well


Cool. Anther plan ticked off the list. Just got to put it in action lol.


the 48 hours of darkness won’t work for a partial harvest and is not really proven to do any good anyway.

Be careful tying off a bag around that bud too. If it doesn’t get air in there and it is still growing you could get some rot in a hurry. I would bag it and cut it off and get it out of there if that is your plan. Most just pluck them out and keep going.


That’s was my plan. Thought I’d bag it up before Ichop it, incase it explodes as in fiddling with it. Then I’ll open the bag and dry it somewhere.

I say say somewhere as I have a pollan filter incoming. As I am about to o make a drying box that is will vent smells into one of my grow tents. Now I have suspect bud, I need a filter. Smell is of the upmost concern, as my location, then it’s my now lake of space.


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after closer inspection i think the bud in question is fine, however i came across one other with the centre that looks like its dying. is this rot? if it is, its a bit of a confusing one for me as it has been right inline with a fan since the bud started.