First Grow, would like some advice please


Your math is right, but I don’t know how many watts your going to run. You had said 8-25watt lights plus 120w china light so 320 total.

Just watched video and thats exactly what I did. But oil came out like sticky tar. I guess thats what his looked like after it cooled down. I’m gonna mix mine with vegetable glycerin so it is easier to dose


Yes I’m going to go with 320w, as long as I can control the heat. I may drop two of the cfls if I can’t. :crossed_fingers:

Regarding the oil, my cooled to tar every time, I put the olive oil in last time, and for the first time I managed to get in in syringes. Also it had stayed an oil, and seems stronger. But that is probably down to the bud.

3 small drops and the wife eats us out of house and home, 2 helps her sleep.


You should see better yields with that much light


@MAXHeadRoom I just added more to my last post.

Hopefully I do. It’s a 50% increase of light after all.


I would say afghan is a great strain for what you are doing @TheDuke
I am trying pure kush but it is aggravating me how slow it’s growth is, and next up is gold leaf for medical. Keep it indica boss!
God bless


@MAXHeadRoom i was wrong all the time, i thought i had 8 lights on the pair but i only had 7 (only 175w) so 2.6 sqft is 6.7/175 is 26.1w/sqft. thats why its slow and painfully small!!!

my new set up for flower is; led panel @ 120w outpt , and 8 x 25w cfl which equals 47.7w/sqft

however i decided to not put the two in 48h darknes then flower, but rather swapped the 8 25x 2400k bulbs for 30 6700k (iirc) so the output for this set up in veg is 52.2w/sqft. i made a cool scrog net too and a stand to have a water collector under, going to let this fill the sgcrog a a bit before i flip her over. though ill likely get impatient and do it in a week or so.

its took me all day but im happy with the results

the panel is currently 18" from the totp of the highest part of the plant.
you can see my scrog net is slightly to big so its bowed a touch. it really pissed me off at the time, but im not fixing it anytime soon. lol.

also heat is good too, current sits at 32 degrees, which im happy with, the flower cfls run a little cooler, so im reckoning on 28 average for them.
all in all a good day. except my local big box store had no perlite, so re-potting my others has to weight till monday.

@torixredduer @M4ur @bob31 @MAXHeadRoom
im just tagging folk in to show off my handy work. happy and tired .


What size are that holes in the net? I think them are to large.
You can try to squeeze them a little more, just what I will do, because this way them will get a good coverage from led and you can remove 1,2,or maybe 3 cfl(againe…just my opinion).
Remember me, how old are and strain(photo period or autoflowering). I read everything on this forum and I forgot.
Also you can lower the light a little more but be careful about the coverage of that light :wink::+1:


@M4ur how could I forget that avatar :+1::laughing:

The holes are 10x10cm about the same size and the netting I used on my last one. Bit that was a right pita to install, that green garden netting crap.

Yes the light will be moving down, but slowly an inch or two a day, untill they free out.

The age of the girls are about 6 weeks, I think. The stain is Afghan, same as the two that is about ready for its miniature harvest. I think I’m going to harvest the top, lover the lights and see if I can get the lower buds to ripen. Being my first grow, there was many mistakes made.

Second time around I’m expecting superior results. New lights and I’m adding golden tree, to my foxfarm trio (think it’s foxfarm, and seaweed extract. (grow big, big bloom and tiger). The golden tree seems good, Im making that assumption of its high viscosity lol. Also i have incoming AN bud candy and big bud.

That paragraph seems a little confusing. My fist grow flower consisted of my poor lighting (175w total output), seaweed extract in ever water from about 6 weeks, and the foxfarm trio evey weeks or so, I would water (with SW) twice then on the third water it was SW extract and the trio. Between every water/feed I would let the plant totally dry out, they I would drown them. They would dry out in 3 to 4 days heat depending. In the uk we have big swings on temps, for a few weeks it was 32 degrees outside, so my tent, (in loft, insolated) would shoot up to 45, and I could get it down to 38 ish (it’s documented above) the the next week we was down to 15 degrees, so that best I could do in the tent was about 20. So my girls have has some big heat swings along the way.

Before winter I’ll have it insulated so I’ll be able to get a constant heat.

Not long had some oil to help me sleep, and it’s knocked me side incoming :pizza::smirk::sleeping:


What avatar are you talking about… Same continent my friend…I think are to large (10x10cm) I think my is 4x6cm


Your pick holding a hamster :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:️ hand​:hamster:

What do you mean “same contine”. Are you in the euro zone?


Est Europe bro!


West me, about ad West as you can go in fact. :+1:
How did you know I’m in Europe?


You say…


What do you mean?


Cheers for the feedback. when I was bending them under I realised should if gone a bit smaller. Though I’m just going to stick with it. I need another scrog for my other tent, so that I’ll do smaller.


Lol, I told you I had a bit of oil. Thr uk is a bit of a giveaway.

The second post, the quote doesn’t mean anything. Just ignore it.


Just put another line on the middle and you will end whit 5x5 cm


I’d have to take it our then, It’s zip tied in place now. Plus I have a stag do to attend today. So no time before, and I doubt I’ll be in any state to do it whenever I get I get in lol.

Just lowered the light 2", the plants done some stretching over night.


@TheDuke did you buy the cord plug in adapters?? I mean obviously you did right?? Lol… I’m not sure where else in this site I saw this but what do you think about something like these with led light bulbs plugged into surge protector for additional lighting or to start off until I figure out what “good” lights I’m going to go with… :nerd_face::seedling::leaves:


Is that a eddison screw fitting that goes straight into the wall socket?

We have differnt wall sockets here, and eddison screw bulbs are not allowed, our standard bulb fitting is a Bayonet 22 fitting, but if you want heat bulbs etc eddison bulbs are easier to get on ebay etc, so (to get back to the point, I have a load of b22-eddison convertors, but I doubt their legality her in the uk.

I defo wouldn’t plug one straight in to the wall socket. Though if you have a modern (past 20 years) RCD fused electric box, you should be safe enough. I think.

A bit of a wishy washy answer, but that’s all I have.

For my lighting set up, I bought light pendant heads, (8 of) and a load of 1.5mm lighting 3 core wire (don’t need the 3rd core), then wired up an octopus like light fitting, into a high amperage rating junction box, plus a 9th length of wire with a plug on.

So I hang my led panel central. And can hang the octopus light (almost) central, and have the 8 lights places around the perimeter of my tent.

This has the bonus of being able to individually higher lover each bulb, so I can have a number of differnt age /size plants in a veg tent. I don’t see the need for an led in a veg tent. A couple for 6000+k cfls seem to work just fine.

Hope this helps.