First grow wondering how they look


Looking pretty I don’t see problems

I am on day 71 from sprout and was wondering about these hairs or pistols when are they going to fill in jack herer auto from greenhouse seeds

Jack herer autos day 71 from sprout and still full of life and healthy just alot of hairs I have never seen such a hairy plant

They look good plenty of time to fill out.

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You make a nice work with you lady’s you probably had btw 6 to 7 weeks, all is about how you want you high on you plants

I never done a auto till now and what I read was they will do there cycle and be done what I am worried is they just die off and not form how long am I expected to go with them the pack said 7 to 9 weeks from sprout I know that’s a selling point but I don’t want to lose them

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Autos do they things went they want I growing autos now I had two sour d autos on 29 they go to had two months and one is short and in flowering stage and the other one tall and with 5 week left to mature lmaooo I love mother of nature

@TwinHype not is no a exactly time to auto be mature, autos more went is sativa dominant they take long to mature, indica dominant is short time and short yields

I did three of these jacks and got two nice size and one mutant it’s still small but in flower and still going lol I will post more pics when I can get in there I had to move 3 church’s over to there tent do to power shortage from a tree coming down on house

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Went you autos starting get the thricomes out you need to get a microscope to see how you want you plant, can be cloudy or ambar or 70% cloudy and 30% ambar all is how you want you plant hit you

I’m am still all clear

No Amber really just starting to turn milky

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This is my bbys

My small is a mutant to

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Recommended to you see went is 80% milky and 20% amber

I ran 24 hr lights from start till about a week ago and started going 18/6 to see if they would fatten up then seen a few post where people have ran 24 whole time and they said they didn’t get many tricombs and didn’t mature all the way so I was getting worried I messed up

And yours look nice

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There is my mutant lol

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The ILGM Jack Herer auto I grew took 136 days. However, it did not start flowering until day 49-50

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