First grow with whitw widow fem

@hammer, i’m germinating 1 ww fem in water, i can see a little bit of root. My question is should i plant in small pot or the pot that i want the finish product in. I was thinking about using a 2 gallon bucket that i drilled holes in the bottom or do you think i should put it it a small pot and then transplant. I need advice on how much watering i should do either way, small pot or 2 gal.bucket, I’m gonna take your advice

is it an auto?
my suggestion, if it is NOT an auto, would be to transplant at least three times.
Little jiffy pot,…one gallon pot, three gallon pot, then five gallon pot.

if it is an auto,… go from little jiffy pot to 3-5 gallon pot…I was gonna use fives for mine but I have been hearing threes are more than adequate for an auto…

@Oak, its a ww fem

in that case you should plan on several transplants. Let the plant maximize its root ball in each pot before you move to the next larger pot. This will help you to establish a strong healthy root ball…if you go to big right away the roots will shoot down instead of fanning out…can cause rot problems later on and does not allow you to get the maximum benefit from your nutrients.

at least that is my take on it. a more experienced grower will chime in here at some point, lol.


Ww gets big so if you need to keep it held back you will be working alot look into cloning

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