First grow with two bag seeds

7 days of light


am I spraying too heavily? @Countryboyjvd1971

Yes it looks like you might be a little just a little misting to keep soil moist they don’t need a lot at this stage
You can cut a 2liter bottle in half and use the bottom half as a humidity dome for the first couple weeks of it a photo seed
That will help maintain a higher humidity as well so you don’t need to mist As much @trojan
Also what type of light and how close are they to her ?

ok so I should not mist the actual leaves just the soil? organic potting soil with worm casing. Cheap LED I got with tent and its approx. 15 in from plants.

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Yes mist soil not leaves and I would raise the light up to around 30 inches to start with you can always lower it If she starts to streach to much
They don’t require a lot of light just yet either
and to much could harm her
That’s a nice kit you picked up don’t know much about the light bit as long as it in the right spectrums I think you’ll be fine with it
So mist soil when it drys out and move light higher also the dome for humidity
Also they will be slow growing at this stage it developing a nice root system so do panic if you don’t see upward growth for the first weeks or if it’s slow Initially
Tag me if you need anything else @trojan


will do thank you.

Hope this help you out my friend

ok so my set up Is in my basement and I’m running a humidifier 24/7 before I ever even thought about growing. I don’t have a fan blowing in air but I opened one of the bottom vents and now its staying around 72 degrees. The tent was retaining heat and the temp was noticeably higher before I opened the vent. Should I close it until the plants get bigger as to keep the temp up and keeping the humidity inside the tent?

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70% RH and 77 to 81deg at this point and she will love you for it.

Agree with @Rugar89 onbthat @trojan
Sorry for the late reply I work weird hours bro
Crash early FYI

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ok so how do I up the temp without turning up the temp in the entire house? My wife will kill me. I used to have my carbon filter exhaust circulate back into the tent but I was worried that wasn’t good for the plants. I had one of the bottom vents in my tent open but that keeps it at where my house it set which is 73. When I close it, a vacuum like thing happens with my tent because its pulling air through cracks. Any thoughts?

just ordered a hygrometer on amazon.

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You want the vacuum thing to happen to a certain extent. Its called negative presser. Put a speed controller on your exhaust fan to slow it down. You can then control the amount of neg. pressure by slowing the air down passing thru your tent. And by slowing the air down it will stay in the tent longer and your lights will help bring the temperature up. I wish I had that problem. I’m always trying to keep my temps down. Neg. pressure also helps with odor control.

This is the one I use.

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I have pretty good growth in 4 days but I’m seeing some yellowish discoloration in the middle of my big leaves on all my plants. I’m spraying like 3 times a day at the base of soil. Seeing a bit of drooping in some of the new leaves, not sure if that’s normal. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @bob31

Sorry bro what type of soil is it
And it looks a bit dry to me
What ph is the water you misting with

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not sure about pH of water, its filtered and room temp. organic potting soil w/worm casing. No nutrients added. Light about 24 in. (LED)

pH your water and your problems will go away! @trojan


Yup with @bob31 ph water is a mist soil looking for 6.3-6.8


ok thanks guys i’ll get it adjusted today

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so I got my hygrometer from amazon and found my humidity to around 55 AHHHH! I closed off all vents for the tent and rerouted my exhaust back in my tent to bring the temp up as well. Not sure if that’s a good idea though. I’m researching ways to bring humidity up. I currently do not have any outside air coming into the tent, just the exhaust from carbon filter fan and duct. Let me know if I should change this. I’m taking a pic of my set up for further advice. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Countryboyjvd1971