First grow with real genetics

My first legitimate attempt. I got the beginner pack and did all 5 AK-47’s. I put the seeds in water on January 2nd for 3 days and transferred onto 1/3 gallon pots, placed a cfl light around 2 inches above the pots and misted 2 times a day. They all broke ground within 36 hours. So this picture is of all 5 exactly 12 days after the seeds were placed in the soil. Still using a cfl light 24 hours on and trying to maintain no more then 4 inches between the light and top of canopy. Not sure when to transition to 18/6 light cycle. I have heard maybe at 10 to 14 inches of plant height. Also I don’t know when to transition over to my led lights. I also have a fully functional tent that will be utilized when they go into veg. Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and happy growing!!!

Attached is a pic of the girls at 12 days in the soil


They are off to a good start! Best of luck, look forward to seeing some updates

Happy growing!


Healthy plants you have there. Good work and happy growing. You’re off to a good start.


You have done a great job so far, keep up the good work. You can start transitioning to your LED’s now that they are established. Start with them higher and slowly bring them down to your target height.


Thank y’all very much. I have studied for years and tried several times with bag seed with very little to no luck. So I bit the bullet and tried running these Ilgm beginner seeds and I must say so far I am truly impressed!! I’m leaning toward advanced nutrients but still thinking about FF dry fertilizer. They will be transferred into a 4x4 tent when I flip into veg. Any suggestions or constructive criticism is very welcome. I will keep updates and pictures throughout the grow. I’m not really sure if I should be starting a grow journal or not. This is my first time to post.


Merlin thank you I think I will do that today.

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Merlin I switched out my light to the myLumii smart quantum board the intensity is set to 30 percent and is at a height of 45 inches above the canopy top. The light is set to ramp up from 0 to 30 percent over a 30 minute period and ramp down the same way.

I just had back surgery on Thursday so I’m not very mobile to say the least. Since I knew that I couldn’t move the grow into its dedicated tent at the moment I used some materials that I happened to have laying around and constructed a crappy 2x3 veg room. It’s not pretty but I think it will get me through the next few weeks until I’m mobile again.

I will be lowering the light slowly over the next few days. Any advice tips or telling me where I’m screwing up is appreciated and thank you in advance

P.S. there is a small little sickling on one side of the room. It was dying in the 4x4 while the others are thriving. Not sure what the strain is (bag seed). I just brought it inside so I can try to nurse it back to health.


Sounds like you are on the right track.


I have been so crazy sidetracked with this storm. Here they are just starting week 4 of the veg. They are growing strong I don’t think the the power loss effected them much.


Well after last weeks unprecedented arctic weather it seems that summer is now upon me. My other tent is running way too hot. This tent was evidently designed to run cooler due to the taper of the top 18 inches. So today was arts and crafts day as I made a really ugly contraption to plug my ac directly into the affected tent and will try this in order to keep the tent maybe 10 degrees cooler than the room leaving both the plants and I in the utmost comfort. I have a feeling I will add another line running into the ak tent within a month.

Due to the lack of money I had to get creative. I used a piece of rain gutter down pipe complete with 90 degree and ran out of the tent with it. Found a short piece of 4” dryer hose and connected the hose to the box and the gutter pipe to the hose. Now it’s time to relax and see if it works.

I prefer to be at 75 to 80 room temperature but my tents prefer to be 65-70 degrees so if I ac through the tent my hypothesis is that it will stay cold in the tent but the lights will warm the air up to a comfortable temp for me when it is exhausted out of the top of the tent and into the room.

Only time will tell now


So the room has dropped 2 degrees in about a hour and a half. That is a win in my book!!! I will try to update tomorrow. Now back to converting a overgrown shed into “The Lab”…


76 in the tent under the lights (canopy top)
Yesterday it was around 88

The room is maintaining 78-80 degrees

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better due to the late start and thermal runaway. Bring on the sun and heat let’s test this frankenpuppy out!!!


So I found the reason that frankenpuppy was loosing steam… I used gorilla tape instead of actual aluminum tape and I lost the connection for the hot air discharge. Redone with the correct tape and taped the crap out of it lol

Round 2… fight

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So the girls will be finishing up week 4 of veg on Saturday. The measure 17 inches tall with one being 20 inches. I’m thinking I should go ahead and start the transition into flower on Sunday as I should have enough room for them to stretch another 17 to 20 inches and I will still have just enough room for the lights and the exhaust. I’m also thinking about transferring the contents of my other 4x4 over as to give me room to start another round of 5.

The only thing standing in my way is the current issue I have with a couple plants in the 4x4. I noticed the tale tale webs on one of my girls less than a week ago and I have removed everything I can find several times a day. I’m actually loosing this battle so I have decided to get a army of ladybugs to help me with my battle.

I could really use some advice though. That tent is just about to finish week 4 of flower. I don’t want to infest my other girls but if the tens are in the same room am I not just putting off the inevitable?? Should I give the ladybugs time to eat before moving over or should I just start the ladybugs in the 4x8 let them eat what they have to eat and go over the others as a protective measure?

Also the 4x8 does seem to run cooler however I am sure that will stop when I have all those lights in flower. But I have gotten my tent cooling system dialed in and it seems to be working as I had hoped. And I thought it might make more sense to only have to cool one tent as opposed to two.


Have you tried captain jacks dead bug on them? Hear it’s safe in flower and effective. I wouldn’t put plants that are not infected in the tent with the infected.


I have not heard of that product. I will check it out thank you

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I have heard that soaking masquito bits soaked in some water and then straining them out before watering will help any eggs in the soil

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I know that’s true for fungus gnats. Not sure in your case.

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I’m gonna go forward with the ladybug arm and see what happens I will post more about it as I see what happens. They are half way thru flower so fingers crossed. I still should get some masquito bits for my strawberries blackberries and raspberries as I am seeing little fly buggers but due to last week’s unprecedented weather they are being held captive in the big window in the kitchen and the dining room.

@Eagles009 I believe that you are right I need to keep separate for now.

I’m out here in the ak tent waiting for the sun to come up so that I can make the adjustments to the lights as I’m starting to transition from 18 and 6. I’m thinking about going 16 and 8 for a week or so. Any suggestions??


My first time taking pictures with the lights off. The lights con on in 12 minutes so since I was in here I thought I would try.