First grow with LED light Skywalker OG


@raustin well to start I only have one plant now. :weary::weary: next she’s 9 weeks old and in preflower. She’s almost 2 1/2 ft tall already. I have a small tent so I don’t have room for a tall plant. I switched her to flower today. I am so nervous that it’s too soon but if I wait I will run out of room. I’m not sure if switching her to flower is the right thing to do. I’m all for switching to flower cuz I’m impatient lol but I want the best for my plant. I guess I’m looking for a general consensus that I am doing the right thing. I have some pics from last night.

@DoobieNoobie thank you for taking the time to help me. Thanks.


Yes, you’re doing exactly the right thing by switching her to flower now. If she’s about to outgrow her space then flip her before she does. She looks very healthy, so you should get a nice harvest from her.


You’re quite welcome. And your plant looks great btw.


Ok quick update. 5 days in bloom 12/12 schedule Just transplanted her last night and watered her. Was in a 3 gal now in a 7 gal air pot. Roots were starting to poke out of the sides and bottom. Same soil was used but less ffof this time. I used a 4-1 ratio instead of 2-1. I think she’s still a little mad at me. First I waited a day too long to water her so she was a little droopy to begin with and then as I was looking at the pot itself I noticed 3 or 4 white specks on the black pot fabric. Upon closer look of course it was the roots pushing through to get out. So that of course made me panic so I had all of the stuff to do it so I did. I figured that the sooner the better that way she recovers all at once instead of adding other stressers that weren’t needed. I’ll have pics late tonight. I run my lights on the over night hours. To help with light cost. So she won’t be on till tonight.


Sounds like your light schedule is like what I’m doing. I’ll be running lights on in nighttime for warmth also during the next few months. I’m sure she’ll bounce back quickly from the transplant. I can’t wait to see pics. :grin:


Ok haven’t had a phone. Just got it today. Here are the pics.

I’m not sure why but every time I look at her right after the lights come on she looks like this… But I also have brown spots on some of my leaves
I fed her just a few mins ago. She’s 9 days in bloom. Temps 68-70 and humidity 40%-48%.


Sensi grow and Sensi bloom, mammoth p, and bud candy. Nothing else has changed. I only have her water the last 3 times.


Plants tend to let their leaves droop during night. If you go in and look at her right before lights out you will sometimes see the same thing. It’s normal and nothing to worry about. I didn’t see the brown spots. If it looks like rust it might be a calmag issue. Post some pics and tag Raustin if it gets any worse. Also make sure you’re checking your ph. That can cause it to.


@DoobieNoobie I have perfect PH nutes. Or do you mean the soil?? And I actually have another question. When do they start looking more like buds?? Is it halfway through bloom or something like that?? And I have a couple of pics I’ll post of the spots. Yes they kinda do look like rust spots. I’ll post them soon. Thanks.


Ok I don’t really know how those nutes work but I get the idea. So you’ll probably need some supplemental calmag. Post the pics and tag Raustin.

As for when they’ll start looking like buds it’ll be a couple weeks. I don’t know exactly when. Raustin is the pro. I’m still a noob. :blush:


Ok here are he pics of the brown spots @raustin hope these are ok pics.


Hmm, I not sure, but I think that looks like mold.
@Niala, what do you think?



If it’s not nutrients water splash…

Brown spots, yellow halos… It’s most probably leaf septoria aka yellow leaves spots…

Prune all infected leaves and spray the rest of your plant with 1:1 H2O2 3% and 0 PPM water (distilled, RO or five stage filtered water, no tap or rain water…)… After 24 hours, apply either copper base spray or neem oil and repeat each weeks…

It will not kill leaf septoria, but will greatly reduced the spread of infestation…

Truly yours…

~Al :v::innocent:

Thanks for the tag @raustin


@Niala thank you very much. I will look into that and see how far it has spread through the plant.


Looking great!! What week of flower are you in?


She’s only 12 days into flower. I’ll get some pics in the morning before the light goes out. She’s really starting to get a lot of white hairs on her now. Now I’m really getting impatient lol. But thank you. I’m trying my best for my first grow. As long as I can get something smokable out of her I’m happy lol


Yea I’m on my first grow as well but I def think your going to have some really good smoking bud. Skywalker is gonna be my next grow.


Thanks @ReeferRod. I sure hope so. But here’s an update. 63-65 temps at night 68-70 during the day and 38-40% humidity at night and 43-45% humidity during the day. I do believe the temps stay low cuz my light is off during the day. She’s 18 days in flower. I’m not sure how long Skywalker OG goes in flower but I do know that there is NO stretch and 100% all focus on the bud sites. Its so weird. I’ve only seen the long stretch after she goes into flower but this one did not stretch at all. Simply put all her energy on each and every bud. I’m super excited for this. But enough blabbing and here are some pics.


Thats weird but youll prob have super big buds hah I just redid my scrog while in flower so im super nervous because that was def not an amateur task and i hurt my one bruce plant ugh. This my first grow ever tho, whatever i guess its nice to make all my learning mistakes now all in the first grow :joy::joy::joy:
Your bend and secure is so nice and beautiful, mine was nice as well until she broke free after a watering so i didnt notice her all day and by the time i did it was a wrap hah. well now i done blabbed away, my bad im high and love talking plants with good people.


@ReeferRod I’m hoping I can prevent mistakes by posting on here. I’ve made quite a few but as long as she stays looking healthy and I can smoke some I’m 100% happy with my first grow. Anything past smoking a blunt is a win in my book lol.
Yea I got kinda nervous about her not stretching but I figure if she’s focusing on her buds who am I to stop her lol. So I’m letting her go and do what she wants. She’s ONLY 28 days in flower So I still have 5 1/2 weeks left (9 weeks flower) and she already had buds looking like this… Maybe she’s getting impatient. Lmao well I’ll have more pics this weekend. I’m going out of state for a few days. So I’m gonna water her tonight and hope that she’ll be fine till Sat or Sun when I get back. Well good luck @ReeferRod with your girls. I’ve noticed they can handle a lot. They bounce back fairly easy from things like that. But good luck.