First grow with LED light Skywalker OG

Got 2 pics and I know it’s a little early but can we tell the sex yet?? Anyone and everyone please help. If it’s male I wanna get my ww auto going. Thanks.

They are only 37 days old.

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They look like females.

Get some pipe cleaners and tie her to the side of the pot if not tie to the soil but dont touch soil. This is a way to promote horizontal grow to allow smaller branches to grow upward and stronger. Itll cut back on the lateral growth.

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@KingVars I took and tied down both of them. Well actually just put some weight on it for now till I can get a couple longer ones to secure into the soil. 38 days old today. 2 feedings with nutes. Temps been staying at 77-82 and humidity is always low 50s or upper 40s. I’ll get some pics later this evening. Fed the 2nd feeding yesterday. I hope they show soon if they are males :weary::weary:


Could you upload a pic of them tied down? Id love to see these naughty plants hah Im thinking of doing it to one of my plants.

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@ReeferRod Absolutely. I usually do my weekly on Sun with picks but I have been super busy. But anyhow, they are 41 days old and still love the heat. 2 feedings with nutes and mammoth. Soil PH is 6.7 and water PH is 6.6 The lights are about 20 inches from canopy. (There’s 3 plants in my tent. 3 different heights. That’s why I say about) But here are the pics.

this one is loving it I think.

This one :point_up_2:is the one that started growing down. Looks pretty good now I think. Oh and @ReeferRod I do not have her anchored down yet I’m going to be doing that in the morning when the light comes back on.

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They look really really good! When i get outta class ill show you the one i just tied down and see if I did it right.

Idk if mine are right either lol. I’m just winging it. Does anyone know how long Skywalker OG normally takes?? I’m gonna take a couple more pics today and try and get a better pic to find out if I have male or female plants. They are starting to show enough now where I think I can get a good enough pic. There’s one female for sure out of the 3. So I’m hoping I can say I have all females my first grow. :slight_smile:

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Did you not buy feminized seeds? Skywalker and Green Crack are gonna be my next grow. Here goes my tie down hah hopefully its good.


@ReeferRod no I got these seeds from a bag I bought. A friend grew Skywalker OG and it hermed(not sure if that’s the right term or not. He had male and female in same tent and didn’t dispose of it quick enough I guess.) but I need to know if this is male or not??? I have feeling it’s male. I have another female in the tent as well… I’ll try and find some pics of the female in my tent. Here’s the one I think is male.

this last one :point_up_2: is of the female. Its a bad pic taken about a week ago. But anyhow I NEED HELP to figure out if this is male so I can get it out!!! Please and thanks.

It looks like it could be a male, but it’s too early to tell.

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I dare not speculate hah on my my very first grow and still learning. I thought i read two pistils for female and one for male.

I would watch the first pic closely females are pointed on top with 2 white pistol’s and males are more oval or round without pistol’s

Ok Thanks. I’ll take another pic tomorrow and see if anything’s changed.

Ok very long over due update. 55 days from seed. Started lst 2 weeks ago. Very short and bushy. The other one is tall. Nothing at all done to that one. Just let it grow. But there is my problem. The one that is tall is very close to the light but the one that is lst is still 18 inches away from the light. Raise light and put shorter one on a bucket maybe?? Temps are 64 at night and 49% humidity at night and 78 and 55% humidity. I waited way too long to water and them girls was angry but have recovered. Here are a few pics.

This one is a top view. :point_up_2::point_up_2:
this one is a side view :point_up_2::point_up_2: these are all the lst one.

Ok no changes. Plants look great. Thanks for the help for the few that did help me. Not a great forum if you can’t get ppl to pay attention. I will NOT recommend this forum. There seems to be not enough ppl to help others. Not fair to ppl like me that doesn’t know who to specifically ask. I was told and also read all I need to do is post and someone at some point will answer or like it to let you know someone is there with you. I didn’t get that at all. I will go to Grow Weed Easy where I can talk to person when I have a question. Where I can get help and not have to wait 7 days to get absolutely no reply. Very disappointed. Good luck to all and your grow.

All you have to do is tag someone. Most people work and only check where they’re been tagged and their own threads. No offense but you can’t expect people to always notice a new post. If I need something I tag someone that recently posted (meaning they’re online) and ask them for help or for them to tag someone who can. I’m still learning but I can always tag people for you if you need help. And I’m online a lot. Otherwise I wish you the best of luck with your grow.

@DoobieNoobie yes you are right. People do have jobs and there are probably thousands of people asking questions. I only have 2 threads. And there was 14 days that I didn’t get a reply or anything. I could not tell you who I should or should not tag. Maybe I should have tagged someone. But my problem is I do not know how to look up people online to talk to them. I just post in MY thread and someone has always answered. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or not looking in the right place. I just know that I have questions or had questions and this was he only place that I trusted to get a real honest answer. I’m not sure if I’m doing things wrong or not. Or too soon. I just don’t like not having a person to turn to and ask for help in a group like this. I’m sorry it sounded harsh. I am just the type to say what I think very kindly. If that makes sense.

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Usually it’s just easiest to tag anyone that has replied before. If they’re a regular they’ll know who to tag for help. Once you get people attention or they comment it’ll pop up with a unread post notification. I try to follow every thread that is updated regularly. I don’t typically follow ones that are only updated rarely. Mostly because I like watching the progression of grows.

I didn’t take it as harsh. I took it as someone that needed help and was frustrated at not getting it. Everyone needs help sometimes. :wink:

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PS you see Raustin up there a few posts up. If you need help she’s a good one to ask. She’s on almost daily and really knows what she’s doing.

What’s wrong, @PrincessT? I didn’t realize you needed help with something. You can tag me anytime if you need some help. I always answer my tags.