First grow with LED light Skywalker OG

Too much water, like @Myfriendis410 they dont need that much water at all. The spil should be pretty much dry for them. I only mist until she has about 5 nodes then feed. But you’re in ffof you probably wont need to feed for about a month from sprout. Let the soil dry out then start to mist for watering.

I ordered some og Skywalker so I’m going to be following your grow.


That’s a sign of overwatering. @KingVars got you covered.

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@KingVars thank you. I transferred the little one yesterday into a smart pot. She looks much happier today. I only have a couple pics. But I don’t plan on watering for a few days.

This one the top leaves are standing up but the bottom leaves are hanging down. 20180906_201736

Also the one I transplanted is now in Happy Frog (2 parts) and ffof (1 part) and perlite. In a 5 Gal smart pot.

Transplanted 2nd one yesterday. 19 inches away from light. Before and after pics of the one I transferred.

temps stay around 77-83 depending if my tent is closed or not. Humidity 48%-63% can’t seem to regulate that. I’ve tried leaving a cup of water in the tent, I’ve tried spraying water around the tent. If my tent is closed temps go to 82-83 and humidity goes down. If my tent is open temps are steady at 77-78 and humidity is around 58%-63%.

I wouldnt water for a little longer than that. You dont want your soil to become a wet mush atthe bottom.

Wet soil prevents air flow and oxygen to get in which drowns the plants.

I’m really not sure about the humidity thing. But i feel like 50 and 60 percent is good for the plants. Perlite will greatly improve aeration in the soil so just hold out for a little while let them fully recover before you want again. She will perk up once she either drank all the water or roots moved pasted the part where the soil was wet.

Other than that great job.

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@KingVars thank you. I’m just super excited lol

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Ok just a weekly update. Both plants are in 3 Gal smart pots with Happy Frog/ ffof soil with cup of perlite as well. Have not watered since transplant. No nutes. Nothing but rain water. Temp: 75-82 during the day and 75-78 at night. Humidity during the day is 45-65 and at night it goes up to 57-71. They are both 20 days old. Here’s a couple pics.

The last pic I have a question about. Why is she not getting taller?? She’s just getting “fuller”?? Am I doing something wrong or is it just the strain?? I see many many plants that are twice the height as mine. But mine just seems so short. Just curious. My lights are 19 1/2 inches from canopy of plants.

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Raise the lights to 24" and she should stretch a little.

Well it was recommended to me to lower my lights cuz of stretch. One is growing up like it should and the other is staying low. I also have another plant in my tent as well (my bfs plant) that is growing up like it should as well. So I’m not sure if I should raise it and then cause the others to stretch or leave it.

I see, it’s really a matter of finding the sweet spot for all your girls to be happy. I would recommend raising the lights just a few inches and see how they all react.

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Also your temps dropping to 40 and 50s is too cold for them to have optimal growth. Do your best to keep temperatures in between lowest 65 - 80

@KingVars my temps are steady at 76-83 and humidity ranges from 46% to 60%. They seem to love it. I will post a few pics tomorrow and give an update on everything.

I think you would benefit greatly by using this @PrincessT this stuff is amazing it helps root development and your girls will love it mine do they look great you have some good help just holler if you need anything it they look great :wink:


A little late for the weekly update. But both plants are doing well I have given one feeding with nutes and it was only a spray to get the top layer wet and that was 2 days ago. I have only fed the bigger one “Stars” the little one has only had rain water. Everything is the same as far as temps go. They seem to LOVE the heat tho. My bfs plants didn’t really like the heat as much as these 2 do. But here’s some pics.

The last 2 pics are of the little one.


How can I get my plants to actually grow?? I have at least 4 sets of leaves but the girls are very short and compacted. I can’t get any light to the other leaves that are trying to grow… Light is 19 inches away used to be 17. Is this ok??

You can see the bigger fan leaves and all the growth but it’s like it just can’t get light or just wants to be stubborn.

Lst training

@KingVars how do I do LST?? I’ve heard of a re different ways. I’m just not sure which one to use since they are so compact?? They are 37 days old. Any suggestions??